A New Perspective on God!

We need to change the way we perceive things. Starting from something as simple as a piece of paper to something as complex as god. I know a person he scored 85% in his 12 grade examination, but is still referred as “dumb” by the illiterate society. Why? Because, others are scoring 99% and he way below them. But only if we changed the way we think, we would realize the amount of effort this person has put him. We would realize the irony that the society who labels him as dumb is in fact the society that has not even passed the 10th grade.

“We Indians are still primitive because of the way we perceive the world around us.”

The line above may look attacking to the so called “patriots” who sit around when people are getting involved in hindu-muslim riots, who sit around when there are brutal cases of rape, murder and extortion. These “patriots” rise up only when someone tells a truth about their country. A line that is said above.

The case of primitive thinking is widely seen in the religious malpractices throughout the nation. Taboos such as sacrificing animals, pouring oil into rivers, piercing one’s body parts, child sacrifices etc. Have become quite famous now a days. The question people often ask is why are we doing all such activities? The answer, on the other hand has always been “for god”. This is the time, we should leave behind our primitive thinking and ask.

“We have never experienced any good from such malpractices, the crime rates have kept rising, and people have kept becoming poor. Where is god when such things happen? In fact, does god exist? If yes, WHAT IS GOD?”

What is god? We perceive god as a mythological animal creature or a humanly figure with extraordinary powers. Some say god exists in all of us. If that is so, to what extent is it true? I believe, that god exists in us all.

However, we need to grow this god within us. Allow me to elaborate using a metaphor. The form of god that exists in all of us is like a seed. We need to give that seed the right amount of environment to grow into a plant – A god.

And the environment here is the deeds and actions that we do. Our actions are what makes us who we are. On a higher note, our actions will allow the seed of god that is within us to grow or fall. Conducting helpful, kind and ethical activities allow the seed to grow and allows one to turn into a good person termed usually as “god”. However, conducting harmful, destructive and unethical activities turn a person into a bad being, termed as “evil”. Hence, god is no person or power who we need to worship, give flowers to, or pray to. God is the term for a human doing good deeds. So, we should rather focus on our deeds and activities that we do. If done properly, anyone can be termed as “god”. Just the way mother Teresa and a lot others were.

“One’s deed is what makes god or evil.”

Nirman Dave
Nirman Dave (a.k.a ND) just graduated from The Galaxy School in Rajkot, Gujarat. He pursued the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. Innovation, creativity, programming and movies are the things he lives for. However, drama, basketball, chess, singing, watching movies and following up to Suits, Sherlock-BBC and FRIENDS are the activities that keep Nirman occupied throughout the day!