Maggi is Likely to Make a Comeback in Markets Soon!

Maggi is likely to Make a Comeback in Markets Soon!

Maggi lovers of India, Rejoice! We have some very good news for you.Maggi will probably make a comeback to the Indian markets very soon. The recent reports from food regulatory agencies across the world have given an OK to Maggi noodles imported from India.

Maggi is set to make a comeback in India soon. A recent report from the UK’s food regulator, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) confirms that Maggi Noodles imported from India is safe to eat.

The official statement says that the levels of lead in the Maggi noodles imported from India. 900 samples were taken by their local and port authorities and the verdict is out that Maggi Noodles is safe for consumption. Nestle said that they only import the “masala flavor” of Maggi Noodles from India.

The official statement said, “The FSA has now tested this flavor and others from the Maggi noodles range, as a precaution. As well as tests carried out by the local authorities, the FSA has also asked Nestle to provide it with test results from its own samples. All showed levels of lead within EU permissible levels.”

Food safety authorities across the world have given thumbs up to Maggi made in India. These include the Vietnam Food Administration (VFA), National Measurement Institute in Australia and Singapore’s Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA). All these agencies have termed Maggi Noodles as “completely safe to eat.”

Now the verdict of Indian FSSAI comes into question as they are the only ones that found a harmful level of lead in the samples they tested. And that was the only test that resulted in the recall of all Maggi Noodles packets in India. All the tests from around the world contradict the results by the Indian agency. So they have to rethink about the ban on Maggi. The basis on which they banned Maggi is now in question.

This only means one thing that our beloved Maggi is coming back to Indian markets and to our homes very soon. It has been termed safe by authorities around the world so you can indulge in gluttony without having to worry about your health. Try not to overdo it though.