September 17, 2014
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7 Types of Facebook Couples We All Have in Friend List

7 Type of Facebook Couples We All Have in Friend List

“Oh, are you in a relationship? So is more than half of the population of the world. Your partner maybe the best thing ever happened in your life but come on, what’s the point of showing  that in every status , every picture of your profile on Facebook  or WhatsApp? Sorry to break it to you, but it is actually ... Read More »

Numbers Matter

Numbers Matter

Before a month in Kolkata, about 200 passengers were evacuated after a South bound Kolkata metro train was stuck in a tunnel for over one and a half hours. Technical glitch was said to be the reason behind the breakdown. Metro was Non-AC and there wasn’t even a facility of water inside the coaches. Because of this, so many passengers felt ... Read More »

13 Reasons Why your Brother is the Best Man in your life?

Why your brother is the best Man in your life

He is a friend, philosopher and the best guide at any point of life. He the one who loves to fight the most with you. He can start a clash at any small conversation or at any petty thing. He is the one who loves to talk with you in sign languages or secret codes so that no one understands ... Read More »

10 Things We Miss the Most about Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai

Check out 10 Things we miss about this epic show Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai

1. Dubduk Dubduk Guduk The bizarre and funny poems cited by “Momma’s boy” Rosesh Sarabhai. They were unique and hilarious. When he starts his poems everyone frowns and starts having a headache. One of his poem’s dedicated to his moma goes like this, Momma ka Purse jaise Hospital ki pyaari si koi Nurse Purse mein rakha Tissue Paper karta hai ... Read More »

Two Blind Sisters See for the first time!

Two Blind Sisters See for the first time Video

While surfing over the internet, we found a video which left us speechless. And will leave you speechless too! The video shows story of Sonia and Anita, two sisters from India who were blind since birth. An eye surgery made it possible for them to see the world for the first time. An NGO called 20/20/20 provides free operations to ... Read More »

Footpath School Documentary Film- A Must Watch on Teachers Day!

Footpath School Ahmedabad

How often do you donate something to needy? How often do you work for a social cause? While we all are busy in our corporate routine, someone is imparting knowledge seeds in our future! Kamal Parmar, Ahmedabad based teacher has been giving free education to underprivileged children on footpath since last 15 years! Film maker Rihaan Patel and his team have made a ... Read More »

Watch this Beautiful Tribute to Teachers on Teachers Day

Watch this Beautiful Tribute to Teachers on Teachers Day

We don’t often realize whoever we are, whatever we do today is because of them. They have taught us lessons of life, imparted us immense knowledge even helped us learn to write and read. Yes I am talking about teachers, our second parent, first mentors who moulded us into who we are today. You have taught us life. This teacher’s ... Read More »

7 Signs that you are into Her

7 Signs that says you are into Her

1. If you partake everything with her & want to know everything about her! When it comes to sharing things with friends, she is the first one to know about you. You tell her everything about your whereabouts. She knows your likes/dislikes, mood swings and your lunch/dinner menu, too, of every day. She knows your second cousin and your mummy’s ... Read More »

10 Gadgets that are likely to be Obsolete

10 Gadgets that are likely to be Obsolete

10. Origami Navigational Nightmares (Substituite: Digitally Powered GPS Tracking Devices ) It’s true, your GPS directions might not always be correct, but they update much more regularly than maps do!! 9. Alarming Extinction (Substituite: Cell Phones/Smart Phones) Really? Why would you want to take up bedside table space with an alarm clock these days? 8. Kill CDs ASAP (Substituite: USB ... Read More »

10 Benefits of Being Single!

10 Benefits of Being Single

Observing all those types of weird relationship problems around and looking at all those lovey-dovey couples around me makes me think about all the benefits a single has in comparison with a person in relationship. Yes, to a certain level I think that relationships, love, bonding, attachment, trust and loyalty are just fake things and to a certain extent they ... Read More »