October 26, 2014
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5 ways to make your New year Miraculous!

5 ways to make your New year Miraculous

Share your joy! Happiness comes not from getting but, by creating. Share it, savor it. Prove to be the hand of the giver and the hand of someone’s joy. We all receive plenty of respectable things that can buy happiness, use these things to corrupt it for someone as well! This New year, share your joy, happiness and make it ... Read More »

RJ Pritam Singh will leave Bigg Boss 8 today!

RJ Pritam Singh Evicted from Bigg Boss 8

Hello fellas! Welcome back to our Bigg Boss eviction prediction. Last week we predicted Sukirti Kandpal will leave the show and boom! She got evicted from the show. And also in past; we’ve given very accurate eviction predictions of previous seasons of Bigg Boss; 80% of which were true. This week; RJ Pritam Singh, Sonali Raut, Deepshikha, Arya Babbar and ... Read More »

Sukirti Kandpal will leave Bigg Boss 8 today!

Sukirti Kandpal Eviction Bigg Boss 4 October 2014

Like always, we are back with our prediction of Bigg Boss eviction. Today is a Saturday and one of the contestants of the most popular Indian TV reality show Bigg Boss will get evicted from the show. This week, three contestants are nominated for the eviction; Gautam Gulati, Praneet Bhatt and Sukirti Kandpal. Gautam Gulati and Praneet Bhatt are nominated ... Read More »

A R Rahman’s Laadli is the best video you will watch this week!

A R Rahman's Laadli is the best video you will watch this week

A R Rahman has composed a video ‘Laadli’ dedicated to women empowerment. Kapil Sibal’s moving poetry is set to melodious music by A.R. Rahman. Lata Mangeshkar’s beautiful voice adds soul to this song about the strength of a woman. The video is directed by Bejoy Nambiar. Watch it and share it. Watch A R Rahman’s Laadli Read More »

What if Narendra Modi becomes President of America

What if Modi becomes President of America

What if Indian prime minister becomes president of America? Navratri will become their national festival and fafda and jalebi their national food. Isn’t it? Check out this funny video and you’ll get the answer. Read More »

[Video] Deepika’s Cleavage Show by Times of Media

Deepika Padukones Cleavage Show Times of India

A lot has been spoken about Deepika Padukone‘s cleavage lately. It could have been forgotten if she hasn’t spoken about it. What Times of India did with it’s video and tweet was just unbearable but the good thing is that Deepika stood up against so called leading Indian media house. Whoever made that video of Deepika Padukone and the journalist who ... Read More »

Kiran Bedi was punished for holding PM’s car! What she did next is absolutely amazing!

Kiran Bedi Inspiring TED Speech

We came across this TED video on the internet today. Kiran Bedi shared one of the most memorable events of her life. In 1982; she gave a parking ticket to PM Indira Gandhi. She was punished for doing that. She was given charge of prisons after that incident. And what she did next is absolutely amazing! We salute this lady ... Read More »

13 year old Harsh commits suicide in Surat. Who is to blame?

13 year old Harsh commits suicide in Surat

Just few days back I read in a newspaper about a 13-year-old school boy committing suicide by hanging at his residence in Udhna area of Surat. The reason cited by the police for his death was that the child was upset on being scolded by a family member. We are investigating the reason why was he scolded. He ended his life when ... Read More »

7 Types of Facebook Couples We All Have in Friend List

7 Type of Facebook Couples We All Have in Friend List

“Oh, are you in a relationship? So is more than half of the population of the world. Your partner maybe the best thing ever happened in your life but come on, what’s the point of showing  that in every status , every picture of your profile on Facebook  or WhatsApp? Sorry to break it to you, but it is actually ... Read More »

Numbers Matter

Numbers Matter

Before a month in Kolkata, about 200 passengers were evacuated after a South bound Kolkata metro train was stuck in a tunnel for over one and a half hours. Technical glitch was said to be the reason behind the breakdown. Metro was Non-AC and there wasn’t even a facility of water inside the coaches. Because of this, so many passengers felt ... Read More »