April 23, 2014
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[Video] Shaktiman is back!?

Shaktiman Cover

Shaktiman fan? Here’s a treat for you. Meghdhanush band has made a Shaktiman (Cover). It’s a humble attempt to relive the era of India’s first superhero. It’s a Fun video which takes all 90′s kids back to their childhood. The hero of a generation; the generation to which even we belong. So enjoy the song, walk down memory lanes, feel nostalgic and ... Read More »

This one minute video will make you want to Vote!

Election Ad

Election season is going on. Here is a one minute video that will make you want to vote! The video “Design your Future” is made by Ahmedabad based youngsters Vishal Bhatt and Rihaan Patel. The video relates Polio Free India and elections in an awesome way. Have a look. Watch Design your Future Read More »

[Video] How people of India reacted to a guy abusing a woman?

Women Abuse Racism India

How people would react if they see someone being a victim of racism in a public place? We came across a video which was a social experiment done by Team Trouble Seeker. They put a hidden camera in a public place to see how people react when they see racism. Many choose to ignore it, only few stood against it and raised ... Read More »

Why should I care? Why should I vote?

Voting Video

Election season is going on in India. More than 50% of voting of the country is done. Only few states are left. Elections will be over by 12th May, 2014. Every Indian voter has two questions in mind, why should I care? and why should I vote? Right? Ahmedabad based voter Kuldip Vyas has made a video which will answer ... Read More »

[Video] The Great Indian Media Circus

The Great Indian Media Circus Video

Elections are going on in India and meanwhile we suffer from some pathetic news covered by media. How media makes a big deal out of everything. All India Bakchod AIB has recently launched a video “The Great Indian Media Circus” which shows current state of Indian media and politics. Video includes all recent leaders and topics like top leaders Narendra ... Read More »

[Video] These two minutes are enough to make you think!

Life of Poor and Rich People Video

We recently came across this video on the internet. It’s a short film shows comparison of a life of a poor and rich people. We bet, these two minutes are enough to make you think. If you’re a human being, two minutes of this video will leave some impact on your mind. Do have a look. Watch Life of Poor ... Read More »

When a businessman from Bihar met Modi!

Rajeeb Kumar Roy meets Narendra Modi

When chief minister of Gujarat, Narendra Modi talks about development, they talk about 2002 riots. When he talks about the work he did in Gujarat, they say the can’t see anything. Media has always ignored all the good things BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Modi has been doing, but the truth can’t be hidden much. We came across a post phrasing ... Read More »

[Video] Google brings the real story of India’s first voter this election!

Google India Election Video Pledge To Vote

The upcoming Indian Elections will be the largest democratic election in history, with over 800 million voters. This elections Google India brings the true story of a man who never missed an opportunity to vote. Mr. Shyam Saran Negi 97 years old, a school teacher from a remote village in the foothills of the Himalayas, has voted in every General ... Read More »

This Heart touching Commercial Will Make You Cry

Most Emotional Advertisement

Here’s a Thai Commercial which will make you cry. “Unsung Hero” is a commercial for Thai life insurance. It’s the story of a common man who don’t have desire to be rich but he is spreading love and happiness around him. It is one of the best advertisements ever. Have a look at the video. Watch Unsung Hero Read More »

Comedians bid a sad goodbye to Congress; their biggest source of comedy!

Thank You Dear Congress Comedians Say Goodbye

The Lok Sabha elections are officially underway! And as comedians of India are very sad that their biggest source of comedy, the UPA, is going away this time according to AIB (All India Bakchod). Check out AIB’s latest parody video, Thank You, Dear Congress! It surely is funny. Comedians in India bid a sad goodbye to their biggest source of comedy- The ... Read More »