September 2, 2014
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10 Gadgets that are likely to be Obsolete

10 Gadgets that are likely to be Obsolete

10. Origami Navigational Nightmares (Substituite: Digitally Powered GPS Tracking Devices ) It’s true, your GPS directions might not always be correct, but they update much more regularly than maps do!! 9. Alarming Extinction (Substituite: Cell Phones/Smart Phones) Really? Why would you want to take up bedside table space with an alarm clock these days? 8. Kill CDs ASAP (Substituite: USB ... Read More »

10 Benefits of Being Single!

10 Benefits of Being Single

Observing all those types of weird relationship problems around and looking at all those lovey-dovey couples around me makes me think about all the benefits a single has in comparison with a person in relationship. Yes, to a certain level I think that relationships, love, bonding, attachment, trust and loyalty are just fake things and to a certain extent they ... Read More »

What is Ice Bucket Challenge? Why are celebrities supporting it?

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Bollywood India Tech Geeks

We all have been watching videos of Ice Bucket Challenge lately on the internet. #ALSIceBucketChallenge is the buzz over social media for past few days. From Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg to Microsoft’s ex-CEO Bill Gates, from Akshay Kumar to Sonakshi Sinha; we have seen many public figures taking up this challenge on Facebook. We have combined all videos for you. ... Read More »

[Must Watch] I am that Change! Let’s be the Change!

I am that Change Be the Change Short Film

We often talk about bringing change in the system. We always expect others to be that change. We never take step towards the change ourselves. True? Change starts with us. I always believe that even our smallest contribution can make difference. I always put wrappers of chocolates and wafers in pocket until I find the trash bin. I always switch off lights when they are ... Read More »

Check out Two kinds of Engineering Students in infographics

Two Kinds of Engineers - Copy

You say Engineers are hard to understand and even harder to bear? Well, let’s make it easy for you. Our team mate Binit Thacker (Yellow Media Labs) created some amazing posters inspired from Zomato’s ‘Two kinds of people’ campaign. If you are an Engineer, you’ll fall in one of the two kinds. Check out and tell us in which category do you ... Read More »

Let’s remember Indian National Pledge this Independence Day!

Indian National Pledge  Remembering the pledge  6 Languages

Do you remember that pledge we used to take everyday in school? Today on 68th Independence Day, let’s relive the national pledge in 6 languages. Ahmedabad based film maker Rihaan Patel has compiled Indian National Pledge in six Indian languages in this video. In the film, People speak Indian National Pledge in their language – Hindi, English, Gujarati, Marathi, Sanskrit, Kannad ... Read More »

75 Ways to Irritate People!

50 Ways to Irritate Someone

Hahaha! You came to this article after reading the title shows that you definitely want to irritate someone! Well, after 100 Ways to Be Happy, team BuddyBits has made another list “75 Ways to Irritate People”! It is actually a combination of things we hate when people do. So enjoy the list and share it with people who irritate you ... Read More »

This Video will send Chills down your Spine!

Indian Teacher Beating Students Whatsapp Viral Video

You might have stumbled upon this clip on WhatsApp or any other media, but if you haven’t please watch it. It will make you feel shameful and frustrated. I received this video a day before and I was shocked after seeing this. How evil a person can be? This video shows an adult beating up little kids and that too ... Read More »

10 Reasons Why School Friends are Better than College Friends

10 Reasons Why School Friends are Better than College Friends

Isn’t really a tough question right? We all are more bonded to our school friends closer than we are to our college friends. Well reasons are pretty simple, let’s have a look 1. We Grow Together With time the friendship grows stronger and better. Friendship is like a wine, the older it gets the better it tastes. We spend a ... Read More »

If you’re an Art Lover, you’ll be Stunned after Watching this Video!

Icheon Master Hand Video

Do you love art and craft? We have not much to say. Just watch the video and you’ll be stunned! Watch the Video [Video Courtesy: AMOCA] Read More »