July 26, 2014
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A tribute to real heroes! A tribute to Indian Army!

Indian National Anthem - Tribute to Indian Army

Remember The Kargil Day? The battle where we lost many brave hearts? Well, it’s been 15 years, you were too young to understand the gravity of the situation. All you should know is if you are enjoying freedom, if you can roam around anywhere, survive safe it’s because of the great army we are blessed to have. Those men in ... Read More »

10 Things to do in Rain!

10 Things to do in Rain

Rains can sometimes be annoying; they can hinder your daily routine but in an optimistic ways, just imagine, it gives you rainy days, days we all love, days which fill the atmosphere with the air of love! So check out things you can do with your loved ones to enjoy the weather of romance, Monsoons. 1. Movies back to back ... Read More »

10 things I miss the most about School

10 Things I miss the most about School

School time is the one of the best phases of everyone’s life. It’s the period when we enjoy the most; though college time is also one of the bests but its considered a phase when we are mature enough to take our decisions on our own but during the school days we are very small to take any decision or think ... Read More »

15 Bollywood Songs you can enjoy in Rain

15 Bollywood Songs you can enjoy in Rain

“Ghode jaisi chal hathi jaisi dum O saawan raja kaha se aaye tum Chakdhoom chakdhoom chakdhoom.” I was surfing channels on my television and one of the channels was playing this song. Most of you must have heard this song which is from movie Dil toh Pagal Hai. One of the famous songs of all time. The song itself makes ... Read More »

[Opinions] Why do we love Rain?

Why do we love Rain

‘Rains’ hearing this word, a smile curves on our faces. Lots of childhood memories pops out in our mind, lots of songs related to rains, the smell of rain, the sound of rain, anything and everything related to it fills us with a certain kind of joy. Well we all love rains but not for similar reasons, so let’s find ... Read More »

51 Reasons why we love weekends!

51 Reasons Why We Love Weekends

“Weekend is coming!” these are probably the most loved words ever. There cannot be a single human being who doesn’t like weekends. From a school kids to senior citizens, everyone likes Saturdays and Sundays. There are innumerable reasons why we love weekends. Our team exclusively brings to you 51 reasons why we love weekends. Have a look. 51 Reasons why we love weekends! ... Read More »

10 Types of Friends we all have

10 Types of Friends We All Have

We have three types of friends in life. Friends for a reason, friends for a season and friends for lifetime. How true the quote is. Yes, it’s true. We have different types of friends in our life and fortunately we are destined to meet all different kinds of people who become our friends and we learn some or the other things from them ... Read More »

100 Ways to Be Happy

100 Ways to Be Happy

Want to be Happy in life? What if we give you 100 handy ways to be happy? Our team spent last night making this entire list to make you happy. We have compiled hundred tips, most of them are free of cost, which will make your life happier. Have a look. 100 Ways to be Happy Listen music. Watch Sarabhai vs Sarabhai. Dance ... Read More »

[Video] No Munni, No Shiela, It’s Sunny on the floor. Sunny Deol!

Sunny Deol and Karishma Kapoor Funniest Dance on Yaraa O Yaraa

Explicit Content Warning: This video may make you lose faith in music, dancing, acting and most probably, humanity. Even Rajnikanth couldn’t watch it till the end. We dare you! Prabhu Deva almost had an heart attack after watching this. Dance India Dance cancelled their next season after watching this. Thousands of people cried; thousands of people died. A true tribute ... Read More »

[Photos] India’s First tunnel pool Aquarium in Surat city

First Tunnel Pool Aquarium of India in Surat

Surat: First of its kind multidisciplinary underwater aquarium of India is recently inaugurated by Narendra Modi in Surat city. First tunnel pool aquarium is set in 25,722 square meter space at Jagdish Chandra Bose Udyan at Adajan area. Development cost of the aquarium is around Rs 20 crores. Aquarium is having more than 100 species that includes fresh, brackish, marine water fishes. ... Read More »