Big B’s KBC: Bigg Boss of TRP

Looks like it wasn’t worth the wait. Bigg Boss 5 failed to strike a chord with the audience this season. Maybe the women in the house failed to cast a spell.

A show that is often called the baap of reality shows lost out on TRPs to Amitabh Bachchan’s Kaun Banega Crorepati. According to the latest media reports, KBC is ruling the TRP roost with the maximum rating points, leaving behind Bigg Boss 5.
Viewers tell us what makes KBC a better choice. “Nothing compares to Big B’s charisma on KBC. And it’s better than the current season of Bigg Boss as their concept this time is boring. The contestants are not known people except for a few names,” says Vidhi Arora, who works with Chanakya’s Academy.
For some, it’s the intellect that wins over senseless spats and ugly arguments. “Viewers don’t want to waste their time watching women fight over silly things. When the show had nothing else to offer, we saw Pooja Misra beating the broom and kicking the dustbin. Their arguments are silly and there’s not muchmasala on the show. On the other hand, KBC is something that at least adds to your knowledge,” says Nitish, who’s preparing for MBA.
It’s quite evident that Bigg Boss has failed to woo audiences with its surprises and game plan, on the other hand KBC played it safe by inviting people who inspire others with their life struggles. “This always works. On KBC people are getting to see real life stories along with a game show. So it’s not just Amitabh Bachchan’s charisma but this season of KBC is for the lower middle class where the aim is to help them win some money. And their theme is the backbone of this season,” says Vishwas Batra, associate producer, Reliance Big Productions.
Hair stylist Amzzad Habib says it’s the absence of reality on some “reality” shows, that makes them lose out on the TRP chart. “While KBC plays the compassion card to the hilt, it also engages the common man’s attention and arouses their aspirations. For a person of Amitabh Bachchan’s stature to engage with contestants is an engaging watch. On the flipside, Bigg Boss looks unreal at times. So we know who is the Big Boss really is,” he says.

Source: Asian Age