Google Plus v/s Facebook

Google+ and Facebook are both social networking sites that have their own special benefits. Here is a look at some of the different things you might find on these two sites. There are both positives and negatives involved with these two sites. There are big points that make these two sites different with a few similarities involved.

The pluses of Google+ over Facebook

  1. Google+ provides better privacy and well layered grouping – Circles
  2. Google+ does not have annoying applications like facebook (may be yet)
  3. Google+ combines facebook and twitter together when the main features are concerned
  4. Google+ is simple and sweet – May be just because it is new
  5. Google+ uses the google chat for chatting. It’s much better than facebook chat
  6. Google hangout is far better than the Facebook video chat

The minuses of Google+ over Facebook

  1. Google+ lacks some features that facebook has, since it’s new and beta.
  2. Google+ does not have anything special for a typical facebook freak who does not care much about privacy.