Gulabo Sapera is out from Bigg Boss

Rajasthani Kalbeliya dancer Gulabo Sapera has become the second contestant to be voted out from theBigg Boss house this season. She was competing against Pooja Misrra, the most infamous character on the show.

Pooja was lately seen involved in a high voltage drama with other housemates. After kicking the dustbin, breaking some kitchen stuff, Pooja got into an ugly spat with others. All the contestants wanted her out, Shonali Nagrani even wanted to go on hunger strike for the same. However, against everyone’s wish Pooja is still inside the house.

Seventh child of her parents, Gulabo, born in the nomadic Kalbaliya community, was buried alive by her father after her birth as he couldn’t afford to raise another daughter. She was rescued by her aunt.

Gulabo who was always seen dressed in Ghagra Choli on the show, couldn’t gel with other modern celebs. Gulabo came out of the Bigg Boss house with a smile on her face. She was upset with some housemates, who always praised her but wanted her out at the same time.