Movie Review:

BuddyBits [rating:2.5/5]

Direction [rating:3/5]

Story [rating:1.5/5]

Music [rating:3/5]

Star Cast [rating:3/5]

Movie Review

If you have predicted Ra.One a good science fiction movie from Bollywood, you are absolutely wrong. Eros Entertainment and Red Chillies Entertainment have not leaved a single stone unturned to promote Ra.One. Yes, Ra.One has become a brand, but movie is below average. Ra.One is a sci-fi movie from Shahrukh Khan without proper story. Direction and Science fiction of the movie are good parts, but story is not clear. Few pranks will make you laugh during movie, but that’s not enough for a complete entertainment package.


The story is about a father and his relationship with his son. Shekhar Subramanium (Shahrukh Khan) tries everything possible to impress his son, but Pratik (Armaan Verma) believes that his father is not so cool. In an effort to impress his son, Shekhar designs a game which changes their lives. The game which was meant to be played, starts playing with their lives, marking the entry of Ra.One and G.One.


Ra.One is not a movie that BuddyBits will recommend you to watch. But, if you used to keep your mind aside during movies, you can give Ra.One a try.

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