Pooja Misrra new season’s Dolly Bindra?

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Pooja Misrra, most controversial name in the house who has become a household name now, has set a new record of cat fights on Bigg Boss series.

May be she’s all set to become the ‘Dolly Bindra’ of Bigg Boss 5.  Despite getting eight votes against her in the first nominations, audience saved Misrra from eviction.

Pooja Mishra vs Gulabo Sapera

Pooja Mishra and Gulabo Sapera who will be at loggerheads as both have been nominated for eviction this week.  Though Pooja was nominated for eviction last week as well, she was saved by the huge number of votes that she received from the audience.

While Gulabo is more reticent and calm, Pooja is more expressive and impulsive. She argues and abuses – anything to get noticed. The two have bonded very well till now. Gulabo Sapera has even taught Pooja some traditional Rajasthani folk dance.

While Pooja Mishra is hated in the Bigg Boss 5 house due to her indifferent attitude and tantrums, Gulabo Sapera also hasn’t been able to strike a chord with the housemates.

Now, who will be the first to get evicted – Pooja Mishra or Gulabo Sapera? Let’s wait and watch.

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