Ra.One released worldwide with a bang

RA.ONE has started with a bang. The morning shows, which commenced as early as 7 and 8 a.m. at various places, started on a deafening 95% to 100% note, while 9 a.m. onwards, the occupancy was 100% across the board. Even at certain mass-dominated centres, where the business is not at peak so early in the morning, reported full houses.

The single screens as well as multiplexes have started on an earth-shattering note, although a section of the industry was feeling that the start wouldn’t be massive in view of the fact that Diwali is being celebrated today. Generally, film business remains low-key due to the festivities and pooja ceremony being organized at homes and offices on Diwali.

What’s noteworthy is the fact that RA.ONE has been released extensively across India. Not just the number of screens, even the number of shows at plexes has been at an all-time high, with as many as 28 to 30 shows a day being performed at a number of cineplexes. That too, at inflated ticket rates.


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