Apple’s own Telecom Network – Steve Jobs Dream

Steve Jobs had a vision of running iPhone on the network created by his own company. This vision of Steve Jobs has been revealed by Trilogy Chairman John Stanton who is a veteran of the wireless industry. According to him, Steve Jobs wanted to replace carriers completely and use the unlicensed spectrum of Wi-fi so that iPhone could be launched on the company’s own network and not on any other network.

John Stanton is believed to have spent quality time with Mr. Jobs during the development phase of iPhone between the years 2005 and 2007. Steve Jobs always loved to control all the products developed by Apple from end to end. So, he wanted to bypass the system overall and come with its own carrier. Stanton and Apple CEO Steve Jobs spent a lot of time during those years in creating new ideas and discussing the ways of creating Apple’s self-owned carrier.

This information was made public by John Stanton himself on Monday at a Law Seminars International event who also said that Steve Jobs gave up the idea of bringing Apple’s network carrier by the year 2007 but still had a major impact on wireless carriers.

The reasons behind this are unknown but one can guess that it might be due to the fact that this new addition could be too costly or could come with little or no pay-off for Apple.

However, when Steve Jobs vision could not turn into reality he brought a massive change in launching iPhone in the market. When iPhone debuted in the market, it changed the mobile and carrier scenario to a large extent. Jobs kept the device more under Apple’s control and only gave a chance to AT & T to sell the product. Soon, many mobile manufacturers followed suit and eventually the part played by carriers in the development of product was lessened to a certain extent.

Guess if Steve Jobs would have been here with us today then who can tell, one day we could also have witnessed this great vision of Mr. Jobs to convert into reality.

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