BB Prediction: Vida will be Evicted this week

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According to Buddy Bits Prediction, Vida Samadzai will be evicted this week. The housemate, who was being  calm whole week was absolutely evicted from house, till the date.

From the starting episodes, there is a pattern in eviction. From all nominations, the most calm housemate is evicted in every eviction. Raageshwari Loomba, Mandeep Bevli, Shakti Kapoor, Gulaabo Sapera, Laxmi Narayan were remain very calm during nomination week, so they got evicted.

In this week, Vida Samadzai is nominated for eviction along with Shraddha Sharma, Pooja Misrra and Shonali Nagrani. According to our prediction, one housemate from Pooja Misrra and Vida Samadzai will be surely evicted on 19th November’s eviction.

Ratio of Eviction on 19th November’s episode:

  1. Vida Samadzai: 85%
  2. Pooja Misrra: 10%
  3. Shraddha Sharma: 5%
  4. Shonali Nagrani: 0% (Shonali is 100% safe according to our prediction.)

Let see, who get evicted..

Buddy Bits Exclusive Prediction

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