Mandeep Bevli is evicted from Bigg Boss

Mandeep Bevli is evicted from Bigg Boss. Mandeep Bevli was one of the contestants of the reality show Bigg Boss. She was nominated for eviction this week along with Pooja Misrra, Amar Upadhyay and Mahek Chahal. Her eviction will be aired on tonight’s Aakhri Salaam episode.

TV’s Gossip Girl Mandeep Bevli was an anchor with Headlines Today, specializing mostly in entertainment related news. Her firecracker wit and personality make her memorable to all she meets.

Mandeep has been known mostly for her trademark owlish look on the show and was constantly seen cribbing about her health in comical Hindi and hilarious Hinglish. Audience will surely gonna miss her on the show.


  1. Salaam to All,
    hope all are ok .
    Sad to listen that if that is so it really means that peoples in India dsnt like to see naturality and Truth speaking person and all want to see is drama … in my veiw Mehak was to be out coz is one trouble maker and provoker in fights with Sharda and Sky … she provoked them and still is provoking and Moreover a great Unjustice to be seen by BB till now that the she followed sky twice and pushed Mandeep but no action is taken against her till now .. so simply means BB is about TPR no rules are greater thn TPR of BB team … Best of Luck to all and i will be not watching it anymore … bye

    • Agree with you. India also want to see good persons like mandy on show. But bigg boss is doing politics with votes.