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BuddyBits was first launched as an eco friendly social networking site in June, 2011. But, as we got demands of E-magazine site from visitors, we decided to convert it into E-Magazine site. We re-launched BuddyBits as an E-magazine on 11th October, 2011. In our new website, we have tried to give reading stuff and news for almost all categories.

This new concept of E-magazine of BuddyBits is getting tremendous response from viewers. We got 5,000 pageviews in just one month.

And now, we are collaborated with iWillStudy.com. So, technology lovers will now be able to get articles on Technology Updates, from iWillStudy.com.

About iWillStudy.com

The vision of iWillStudy.com is to connect with large mass of students in India, to expose them with current market trends and make them more aware about recent happenings in the industry.

Currently iWillStudy.com is working on these fronts to achieve the vision:

iWS Events:

Knowledge intensive technical seminars and workshops in various colleges and at many city-level neutral venues. We have touched lives of more than 3000 students from more than 50 colleges in Gujarat and Maharashtra. In these events we have called esteemed industry experts from Red Hat, Reliance, Nokia, IIT Bombay, eInfochips and from many other reputed organizations. These seminars and workshops have witnessed an average of 120 participants. Our core area of making this successful is the nature of content and the kind of speakers we bring-in every time.


A social portal which works as a supporting forum, for helping students in learning new technologies in a collaborative community driven way. It is a social network specially designed for students. Students can make their profile where they can make their online resume; also their contributions in the forum are well highlighted on their profile. This provides an online visibility to the students which in turn provide an opportunity to connect with recruiters. There are industry professionals who are also contributing in our forums and they keep an eye on the student activities too.

Mr. Ritesh Ambastha on this occation:

We are delighted to help various student groups and their respective initiatives on and off web. BuddyBits is one of the initiatives which we found very interesting. We are now mentoring and helping BuddyBits for showcasing excellent articles and content for their readers.

We wish success to BuddyBits Team and hope that they will succeed with flying colours.

Mr. Ritesh Ambastha

Founder & CEO, iWillStudy.com

A Big Thanks

I would like to thank all viewers and writers for their contribution on our website.  And a very special thank to Mr. Ritesh Ambastha for joining us. We will always try to give you more than your expectations. It’s our promise to all viewers and writers.

Mr. Nishit K. Jariwala

Founder, BuddyBits

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