iPhone is now top pick among Business Crowd

There used to be a day when business community only preferred Blackberry for work purposes. But the scenario is not same anymore. iPhone has taken over the share from Blackberry and has now become the first choice among enterprise users. This result has been concluded according to a survey conducted by iPass.

The latest quarterly Mobile Workforce Report issued by iPass discloses that iPhone has a 45% share among the mobile business crowd whereas Blackberry dropped to the second place with a 32% share. iPhone is now capturing the hearts and minds of business users with a healthy jump from last year’s share of 31% to a share of 45% this year. On the other hand, Blackberry has lost its share to a very low extent than previous year’s record. Blackberry had 35% share of the mobile enterprise market while this year it has gone down to 32%.

The survey report also found that the No.3 spot is shared by Google’s mobile operating system Android surpassing other platforms like Nokia’s Symbian and Microsoft Windows Mobile.

iPass suggests that this decrease in RIM’s Blackberry buyers is not a sign of worry. The real fact is that competition has become very tough these days and other mobile platforms have gained quick popularity in a short duration.

A statement was issued in which iPass President and CEO Evan Kaplan said, “While increasing iPhone usage in the workplace was inevitable, this is the tipping point when the iPhone has overcome the BlackBerry on its traditional enterprise turf, and business smartphones are in the hands of nearly every knowledge worker.”

The survey conducted by iPass between September 27, 2011 and October 26, 2011 took a poll from more than 2,300 enterprise workers who came from 1,100 enterprise companies around the globe. Amongst this, 49% were from North America, 32% from Europe and only 12% from Asia-Pacific region.

This survey also throws light on the fact that by the next year iPhone will remain the first choice among the business users and chances are that Blackberry sales could sink further more. When these business users were asked about the choice of smartphone they wish to buy in future then 18% raised their hands for iPhone handsets, 11.2% to Android and 3.6 % to Microsoft’s Windows Phone while only 2.3% were interested in buying Blackberry.

Technology Updates by: iWillStudy.com

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