Main dhund rahi hoon..

Main dhund rahi hoon…

Wo deevaren wo khidkiyan,

kabhi jaha shardiyo ki dhoop thi mehakti |

kahan hai aaj us dhoop ki khushbo…?

  Main dhundh rahi hoon… ||

Kuchh bante kuchh bigadte rishte,

Kuchh yunhi sambhlte rishte |

Kahan hai un rishto ki bhigi si chhaon…?

Main dhundh rahi hoon… ||

Kabhi badalti hui raahein,

Kahin chhutati hui manzilein |

Inme roshan si apni bhi ek rehguzar,

Main dhundh rahi hoon…||

Kuchh kachche pakke khwab jo the

Sirhane se kho gaye hai|

Zindagio ke kuchh tute hue hai sire jinhe

Main dhundh rahi hoon ||

Is zameen ka chhor,

Dekho…Us anant ki aur |

Kshitij ke sunahre rang,

Main dhundh rahi hoon…||

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Congratulations! You successfully completed Level 1. Here is the Hint which will take you to the next Level.

The Treasure Hunt- Hint 3

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Akbari Hardi
Akbari Hardi currently pursuing her Engineering from V.V.P. Engineering College, Rajkot. She is interested in literature as it helps her to relax and maintain her moral. "I am also interested in sports which keeps me fit." says Hardi.

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Main dhund rahi hoon..

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