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Akshay is back with his charm in Desi Boyz after giving flop movies like Tees Maar Khan, Action Replay, Patiyala House. Desi Boyz is probably the most entertaining comedy movie of the year. The Chemistry between Akshay and John is outstanding. Omi Vaidya is also very good in the movie. You will really enjoy the funny gags in the movie, especially gags with Ajay aka Omi Vaidya. Anupam Kher and Sanjay Dutt are also good. Glamour of Deepika Padukone and Chitrangada Singh is also charming. Story and Direction of the movie is good. Music is also good. Overall, it’s an entertaining & worth watching comedy movie we recommend you to watch.


Set in London, Desi Boyz as the title suggests, revolves around two friends Jignesh a.k.a Jerry (Akshay) a security guard and Nick (John) a banker. Life is like a bed roses for these two Desi Boyz as Nick can afford a lavish living for them, which also, makes him a reliable life partner for fiancée Radhika (Deepika). But, hell breaks loose as recession hits and they lose their respective jobs. But, it’s more miserable for Jerry as he is unable to take the responsibility of his nephew (Veer), the son of is late sister and brother-in-law, who eventually goes to a foster home. Post a regressive job search and in order to get Veer back in Jerry’s life, the duo turn into male escorts. Now, how will Radhika react to Nick’s reality, will Veer come back to Jerry’s life and how will Chitrangada’s character -Tanya spring up is the rest of the story.

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