Movie Review: Twilight Saga- Breaking Down Part 1

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Breaking dawn is a spellbinding romantic epic, to be in irrevocably in love with a vampire is both fantasy and nightmare woven into a dangerous life threatning reality for bella swan. The story illuminates many secrets and mysteries which the audience, waited so long to know, now bella would be a mother, and also the vampire. The rest mysteries are to be revealed in next part of Breaking Down.

Edward’s (Robert) charm seems to have vanished, because of his fatherly look but acting he has done the excellent job as always than Jacob ( Taylor) in this movie, he couldnt have done better than this, He rocked than Bella (acting done pretty well). Story in 3rd part (eclipse), Edward proposes Bella and in 4th part they marry (breaking dawn). Marriage is given the main highlight than after the marriage they go for their honeymoon.

Bella gets pregnant. She’s has a baby in her womb which is half human and half vampire  (ie 24 genes). Human have 23 genes and vampires have 25. Edward and the other cullen family except Rosalie try their best to convince bella to give up the child, as it is much strong than Bella and has a very fast groing rate but she doesn’t listens than Jacob gives her company during these days as he his protecting Bella from his fellow brothers, as they had decided to kill Bella as they thought that she is carrying something which is dangerous to the humans than, finally all the ups downs occur and Bella gives birth to the baby and as it has 24 genes, Jacob imprinted on the baby girl, as werewolves also have 24 genes and they imprint on those, who give them their best chance to reproduce like themselves and pass their genes so Jacob is in love with Bella’s child. Edward works on Bella, after her delivery to make her the vampire and she is a vampire in the end.

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