One Life, One Chance..

We Take Everything For Granted,

  • A Constantly Worried Mom,
  • A Strict Dad,
  • Annoying Brother,
  • Rude Sis,
  • Chipku Friend,
  • Posessive Lover,
  • Nagging Wife,
  • Demanding Husband,

Blink ! U Lost Them

U’ll Miss Them As

  • Caring Mom,
  • Concerned Dad,
  • Best Bro,
  • Stupid Sis,
  • Mera Jigar: My Friend,
  • My Wife: My Love,
  • Loving Hubby

Don’t Take Them For Granted.
Life Never Gives A Second Chance..!!

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Nishant Dave:

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One Life, One Chance..

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