Pooja Misrra Thrown out from Bigg Boss

Pooja Misrra was one of the contestants of tv reality show Bigg Boss. She has been thrown out of the show due to her foul temper and violent behavior. Pooja Misrra was short temper right from the beginning of the show.

Pooja was mainly known for her fights with other housemates in the house. She has the knack of picking fights with hausemates is infamous for losing her temper. And it is this foul temper that prompted Bigg Boss to make her exit. Pooja will be seen assaulting Siddharth in tonight’s episode.

She has been a VJ, talk show anchor and Page 3 socialite. She has previously participated in the reality show The Big Switch on UTV Bindass, where her fiery devil-may-care attitude led to quite a few fights with other participants.

Snapshot of tonight’s episode

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