Preparing for Exams? Here are tips for you!

Students are you prepared for your end-semester exams? Here are few tips which may be helpful to you during reading vacation:

  • Right place

Choose a place which is well ventilated, proper air circulation and lighting.

  • Think

You have studied whole semester and then appearing for exam. So know that you know the course and just have to perform well. There is no space for bad dreams.

  • Timetable

You have heard it many times and it’s important. Make and stick it somewhere, on your cupboard or wall, and FOLLOW it strictly.

  • Key points

Make notes of important data, facts or other points which can be recollected easily. This will help you in last minute revision.

  • Sleep

Remember that – “A sound mind dwells in a sound body”

  • Best Tip

Study on regular basis so that at last minute you need not to mug everything and you get sufficient time to revise.

Tips by:

Hardi Akbari:

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Akbari Hardi
Akbari Hardi currently pursuing her Engineering from V.V.P. Engineering College, Rajkot. She is interested in literature as it helps her to relax and maintain her moral. "I am also interested in sports which keeps me fit." says Hardi.

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Preparing for Exams? Here are tips for you!

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