Salman is now back with John

Salman Khan is co-host with Sanjay Datt on reality show Bigg Boss. Due to shooting schedule, he was not hosting the show for last few weeks. But now, Salman Khan is back to host Bigg Boss. He will be seen on Saturday’s Aap Ka Farmaan Eviction Episode along with John Abraham. John Abraham is coming on Bigg Boss to promote his upcoming movie Desi Boyz co-staring Akshay Kumar.

Salman and John have shared cold vibes in the past and haven’t ever shared pleasantries with each other publicly. “When John saw Salman on the sets with Sanjay, he was very uncomfortable. Not knowing how to react, he gave a hesitant smile and to everyone’s surprise, Salman return the gesture,” says a source who was present at the set. The people on the set were shocked to see Salman Khan and John Abraham hugging each other.

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