Success Story: From 6,000/- to 5,00,00,000/-

Computer operator with monthly salary of Rs.6000/- Sushil Kumar have won Rs.5 Crore on KBC.

Sushil Kumar, the first person to win Rs 5 crore on KBC till date, remembers how he didn’t have TV when KBC started and used to sneak into his neighbour’s house to catch the show.

27-year-old Sushil Kumar from Motihari district of Bihar is the first claimant of Rs 5 crore prize money on Kaun Banega Crorepati. The humble guy, who worked as a computer operator in government’s Mahatma Gandhi Scheme before he appeared on the show. He admits that he had never imagined he would reach the final question on KBC.

“I used to test my knowledge by mock playing KBC while watching it on TV and would usually answer questions till around Rs 25 lakhs to maximum Rs 50 lakhs on my own merit. So when on the show, I assumed to win not beyond that amount”, says Sushil.

I wore shoes for the second time in my life when I went to shoot for the episode,” says Sushil Kumar.

Sushil Kumar has been an avid fan of Kaun Banega Crorepati since 11 years. “In fact when KBC started, I didn’t have TV at my home so I would often watch the show at my neighbour’s house. The city roads used to literally go blank when KBC was aired on TV“.

Since Sushil never imagined he would win this kind of amount, he is still clueless on what he would be doing with the entire prize money. “I have no idea. The only thing I am certain about is that I will quit my current job and relocate to Delhi where I shall pursue my studies for IAS”.

His knowledge of competitive exams helped him considerably in playing the game so well. “KBC has a balanced mix of questions on current affairs and general knowledge. So I used to keep myself updated with magazine and newspapers”. It’s certainly not an accidental win for Sushil Kumar who had two lifelines (‘phone a friend’ and ‘double dip’) unused at the 5 crore question. “Though I had a fair idea of the answer to the final question (since I had read about it while preparing for my exams), when it’s a question of Rs 5 crores, you start doubting yourself. So I used both my lifelines and came clear”, smiles Sushil.

Ask him what was his reaction on winning and Sushil says, “I was so excited that I started shouting and my happiness knew no bounds. In fact I was so overwhelmed at that moment that I can’t clearly remember what I did“.

Like any other contestant, Sushil holds host Amitabh Bachchan in high regards. “Anyone who has keenly followed KBC would vouch for the fact that Amitabh Bachchan treats every contestant with the same respect and dignity, irrespective of their social or economical backgrounds. He inspires and encourages everyone without any kind of discrimination. He treated me with the same level of love and respect and when I won 5 crores, he hugged me like an elder brother”.

“Finally does he see the attitude of society changing towards him with his historic win?” I am sensing that. “For the past two days, I have been getting congratulatory calls and people have come to shake hands with me whenever I step out of my room here. Earlier, I always wished to see my name in newspapers. I even have a paper cutting of a news item where my name figures in the list of those who had gone to congratulate (someone),” he says.

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