The Haunted Cottage

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“The Haunted Cottage” is a fiction supernatural story. The experience of supernatural power on one haunted cottage by four college friends is described in this story. If you are imaginative, you will feel the journey and presence of paranormal activity. Hope you will enjoy the journey!

Part 1

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]aditya, Siddharth, Aishwarya and Riddhi are good friends and all are studying BBA for last one year in Management College of Simla. They all are from different cities and staying in a same cottage as paying guest on Simla Hills. Simla Hills is an area having few hills, forests, streams and animals. And it’s nearly 12 K.M. away from the city and their college. Owner of the cottage Mrs. Margrett stays in her flat situated in the city, and she visits her cottage almost every second Sunday.

These guys are more interested in the Paranormal Study. So they usually read books on Paranormal Activity, Supernatural Power and Occult Science. They always search about haunted places near the town. And they are always having a wish to visit all haunted places near Simla.

One day, they got a chance to fulfil their wish. College was closed for three days due to some construction work. All were taking a sip of coffee in living room.

Siddharth: Hey guys, Let’s have some fun, let’s go to Alighadh. We’ll be having too much thrill & excitement.

(Alighadh is 30 km away from Simla Hills and one of Haunted Places, they used to search about.)

Aaditya: Yes sure, i am ready. Let’s go. Afterall its a mini vacation!
Aishwarya and Riddhi also agree with them.

They rented one car.
“I’ll drive the car.” said Siddharth.
“Ok sure.” all agreed.

They packed all luggage and drove for Aligadh on 6 pm.

“Have you taken printed copy of Alighadh Map?” asked Siddharth.
“Yes, i have taken.” Aishwarya repied.

It’s 7 pm and suddenly heavy rain started, with thundering & lightning.

“Yupee! Rain will add more excitement in our tour.” said Riddhi.
“Yes, you are right. I love rain.” said Aaditya.

It’s 7:30 and now they entered in a dark forest near Alighadh. It was still raining.
The road was very narrow and covered by shady trees. There were not a single vehicle nor a person around the way. It was just a dark jungle covered by trees. Suddenly, they heard a strange voice of unknown animal from the jungle.

Now they all were getting little frightened. Siddharth started driving very fast.

Riddhi saw a broken board of Aligadh on the side of road.

“I think we have got Alighadh, i just seen the board of Alighadh.” said Riddhi.
“Yes, you are right. According to map, we have reach Alighadh.” said Aaditya.
“But, here is not a single house nor a hotel.” said Aaditya.
“I think, we should make a tent in the jungle for tonight’s stay.” said Riddhi.
“Hmm, you are right.” said Siddharth.

Siddharth was driving car very fast. After few minutes, Sid saw something on the road and pushed the breaks.

All screamed.
“What’s this sid? What are you doing?” asked Aadi.
“Something was crossing the road. It must be a black cat.” said Sid.
“Oh my god! we crushed it?” asked Aish.
“No, but wait. I go outside and check.” said Sid.
“No, start the car and leave the place. We don’t need to check anything.” said Riddhi.
All agreed, and Sid started car again.

“Hey Sid, stop the car, and take reverse. I have seen a cottage!” said Aadi.
Sid reversed the car. And they all seen a cottage.

The Cottage was looking very horrible!

“I think we have reached our haunted place guys.” said Aadi.
“Hmm lets go.” said Aish.

It was still raining heavily.
They all leaved the car. And started walking towords the cottage.

“This place is looking cool, what you think?” said Sid.
“Yup, exactly what we want!” said Aish.

Aadi knocked the door.
No one was opening the door for sometimes.

He knocked many times.

The door opened with a strange voice.

Part 2

The door opened with a strange voice, and they all got surprised as there was nobody on the door.

They all looked at each other surprisingly and Riddhi broke silence:

“Wow! Here we go! Our journey began…”

And Aadi added, “Yes true, let’s check out mysteries. But be careful, something  might be waiting for us!!”

“Yes certainly, I am also eager to know Who opened the door for us?” said Sid.

And they entered in house.

It was too dark. So Aish said, “Hey guys, search for switch board so that we can light up here.”

“Hello madam, we are not in a hotel. Better if you start searching candles or a lantern!” said Aadi, and all laughed.

“And after all, we are on a haunted place!” said Riddhi, all smiled.

Suddenly one window got open, and it caught all’s attention. Now, they were able to see one table near window through the scattering moon light coming from window.

“Guys, It seems to be candles on that table.” Said Aish, and all moved towards the table.

Before they reach the table, the main door closed!

They got weird feeling about it. But as they all prepared for something like this after such events, they don’t react much, and continue.

Sid started his mobile torch and search for matchbox to lighten the candle. While searching for matchbox they all looked around.

Riddhi “Friends, see what I got!!  Indeed a unique piece.”

“That’s good. But I found something better and useful. A match box. ”

Sid lighten candles. Now they were ready for the quest.

Adi said, “ let’s check out this cottage. I am keen to know more.” They all agreed and went ahead. Adi lead them to the passage.  And they found a passage contains 3 doors from which two were partially opened and the one in the corner was locked.

They entered in the first room. It was a kitchen.

“Guys, I think we will now get some delicious food.”  Said Aadi.

“But of no use my dear, there is not a single edible thing here!” said Aish.

They moved for the second room. Just after they left the kitchen there was some voices of utensils. Like someone throw them. They all got shocked because they very well saw that there was no such thing in the kitchen while they were there.

It seems that there was something which is not so glad with their presence.

But still they continue and went forward to the second room.

The door was little jammed and Aadi and Sid forced it to be opened. With their surprise a room was not just a normal bed room but it had an elegant look. And the room was neat and clean, like it was being clean up on a daily basis. They all felt something very odd in that room, but couldn’t find it. But they were determined to continue and left the room.

“Huh! it feels so odd in there.” said Riddhi.

Aish nodded and added “I also feel so.”

“Hmm, right.” said Sid.

“Ok guys lets move on.” said Aadi.

Now, they all came to the Locked Door.

“Shitt, it’s locked.” said Sid and turned to Aadi.

“Ok, I think we have to put an end to this quest. Let’s go to the hall, and think something about returning to Simla.” said Aadi.

Meanwhile, Aish was observing the lock, and said, “It’s a rare kind of lock.”

“Let me check. You all have looked, now it’s my turn.” said Riddhi.

“Ok, enough dear. Let’s go now.” Aadi said to Riddhi.

They all turned back. And suddenly Riddhi exclaimed “Hey, wait. I think, we can still continue.” And she took out the Unique Piece from her pocket, which she has found while searching for match box.

Aish took it and said, “Yes, this may be the key for this lock!”

Aadi took the key, and unlock the door.

Before he open the door, they heard something. And they all turned around, and looked back.

Part 3

One shadow came across the passage and entered in kitchen. They all were scared by seeing a shadow heading to the kitchen!

“God! What was that? ” said Sid.

Aish replied “let’s see.” They all moved forward to the kitchen.

Slowly they entered in the kitchen. There was nothing. They all exchanged looks.

Riddhi, “How is it possible! I definitely saw something. ”

“I think there is some presence of dark elements here. We should be more careful now. Stick together. ” said  Aish.

“Ok then, let’s check the last room and leave the place.”  said Sid.

And again they went to that door.

Sid was just going to pull it, and someone shouted’ “Don’t open it.”

They all turned and shocked to see a man with a horrible appearance and a black cat in his hand.

The man is looking old. He has a scare on a left side of his forehead. And one eye was red as got hit  hardly. A black  turned to gray shawl was on his solder. Shawl was torn very badly.

He was staring at them with anger and displeasure. He asked them what they were doing there.

Aadi replied calmly, “Sir, we were lost the way and it’s raining outside heavily.”

Sid included, “We found this place so just thought to take shelter for few time.”

Aish added, “We were sorry if we disturbed you.”

“But please, try to understand uncle.” Finally said Riddhi.

The old man was still staring at them and then without any word he went to the hall. They all followed.

He sat near the table and said them to sit around the table. And added, “If the only matter is to take shelter then why you all roaming in my cottage!”

Aish answered , “ Sir, we were sorry but we couldn’t find anyone here. So we thought it might be useful to search around. May be someone was inside.”

The old man gave approval sign, but said nothing. And with that room was filled with silence.

All four looked at each other as the silence was bothering them.

And finally Sid broke the silence and asked, “By the way sir, who are you? And why you stay here, it’s such a deserted places and even far from the city.”

Riddhi added, “ And uncle are you staying alone here?”

The old man replied, “This is cottage of late Mr. Khurana, and I am working as a caretaker here. And I am staying alone in this deserted place for last 13 years.”

Riddhi: “Uncle, don’t you think, this place is very weird and scary?”

Caretaker replied “What is so scary about this place?”

Riddhi: “This place is in the middle of the Jungle covered with dark trees and terrible silence! And there is no electricity in your cottage. This things are making it scary.”

Caretaker: “It’s raining heavily today, so electricity fuse is damaged by water. And besides, electricity doesn’t matter for me, because I have to take care of this place anyhow.”

Aadi: “Oh ok. So, Mr. Khurana’s family members must be often visiting this place. Right?”

Caretaker: “No, not a single person have visited this cottage after death of Mr. Khurana.”

Aish said “Tell us about this cottage. We have felt very weird about this cottage.”

“No, I don’t felt so. How can you say so, what you felt?” replied Caretaker.

“We felt very weird and uncomfortable in the bedroom, while searching.” replied Aish.

On hearing ‘Bedroom’, caretaker got little restless, observed Aadi and Aish.

“Uncle, please tell us. We want to know about this place.” said Aadi.

“Ok, if you insist. Listen.

13 years ago, Mr. Khurana built this cottage. He used to stay with his family in town. And they were visiting this cottage very often. He appointed me as a caretaker of this cottage. Everything was fine until next 6 years. Mr. Khurana went to abroad for two years with family. As I was very attached to Mr. Khurana, I stayed here for that two years.

After two years when he came back , he was changed. Now, he used to came alone instead of coming with family. He was acting very weird. After few days, he hung himself in the Bedroom. He committed suicide.

This may be the reason for your weird feeling about that room.”

“Oh my God! How someone would be able to stay here after knowing this fact?” said Riddhi.

“Yes, why do you stay here?” said Sid.

“I have already said that, I am very attached to Mr. Khurana, and this cottage. And besides,  I have no other place to go.” said caretaker.

“Sir, if you don’t mind, we would like to know about that locked door.” asked Sid.

Caretaker gave them a weird look and said “Now, you are crossing your limit. You are getting too personal now. Remember, you have been given only shelter here.”

“Sir,I think we have hurt your feelings. Sorry for that.” Said Aish.

Aadi told caretaker that he wants to fresh-n-up. And took the permission to go. caretaker verbally guide him the direction through the kitchen.

After few minutes, Aadi didn’t return.

Caretaker stand up saying “Wait, let me check.” And he went to passage with his black cat.

he disappeared in darkness of passage and And Aadi ran out from the passage. He said, “Guys,be quick.We need to leave this place right now. Don’t’ ask anything, just from here.”

All started running towards the main door.

Main door suddenly get closed and was not opening.

“friends, through the window. jump fast.” said Aish.

They all ran towards window, and start jumping outside the cottage. Sid first jumped and ran to the car. After him, Aish, Riddhi and Aaditya also jumped outside the window. Sid started the car, and Aish, Riddhi and Aaditya sat in car. Sid started driving.

“Sid, please drive as fast as you can. We must leave this area.” said Aadi.

Sid started driving very fast.

“But, what happens Aadi?” asked Riddhi.

“I was not gone for fresh n up. I was gone to that mysterious third room.” said Aadi.

“We must’ve thought of it.” said Aish.

“What you saw in that room, Aadi?” asked Riddhi.

“It was literally dangerous. I have seen one Photo frame hung on the wall of that mysterious room.” said Aadi.

“What was in that Photo?” asked Riddhi.

“It was photo of that caretaker, with bithdate and deathdate. He is died before six years. Exactly one year before Mr. Khurana committed suicide!” said Aadi.

“What!” they exclaimed together.

Aish screamed loudly “Wathch out!” and pointed outside the car. The caretaker was standing on the road.

Before they understand anything. Car ran over the caretaker.

they all looked back side where the caretaker still standing. And suddenly disappeared.

Silence for few minutes.

“Oh my god, I just can’t believe we were talking with a Spirit!” said Riddhi.

“It’s feeling really very horrible.” said Sid.

“Guys, i think finally we have experienced a real paranormal activity!” said Aadi.

“Yes, but we couldn’t find the secret behind death of Caretaker and Mr. Khurana.” said Aish.

“Yes, we will find it some another time.” said Sid.

Written by

Amita Jariwala:

Story by:

Nishit K. Jariwala:

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