Why Baby B is getting celebrity image?

The birth of the first child to Aishwarya Rai couldn’t have been more decorated. The new kid on the block in the Bachchan clan couldn’t have made a more dramatic entry into this world. As the baby enters this world, it instantly has earned the celebrity status. Isn’t it unfair on the kid? Why is there a celebrity craving? Here are some answers:

Society as a whole has come to a point where the obsession with a celebrity has reached crescendo levels. More often than not, we do not understand that even they are human beings after all. They go through the normal processes of human beings and they do have their own shortcomings in their own respective ways. I had a colleague of mine who was discussing whether the baby would be born on Nov 11 or not right through the last few days. This was going on non stop and it followed up with all the gossip sessions that accompany these conversations. Another friend of mine was waiting eagerly in the morning( switching off completely from work) contemplating when the “actual” moment would happen. The most hilarious one was when a person shared on Facebook that Baby B would be starring in a movie with Rajinikanth in 2030!! Besides the humor in this, there is a more serious issue here that we are succumbing to.

In the entire garb of stardom, we are sometimes prioritizing trivial things over things that deserve attention. Take the case of November 11. November 11 was actually National Education day and a day where education needs to be commemorated; instead the entire intellectual discussion was about when the celebrity was actually going to give birth to her kid. On this same day, 81 lakh children in our country are out of school, in the primary education completion rate statistics we are 71 out of 148 countriesand in the female enrolment rate statistics we stand at 152 out of 170 countries in the world. By focusing completely on an issue which goes into the private space of a celebrity, we tend to forget the issues of importance concerning us and the nation.In such cases, we also lose ourselves in the process and fail to focus on issues concerning our own personal lives. A point in example is my friend who completely switched off from work in the morning and was doing his work even after I left the office. My friend is ending up spending extra time in office just because he was hooked onto something that is of marginal importance in comparison to his work. In essence, this ensures that the real issues confronting us get somewhere demurred in the fancied world of celebrity worship. In addition to this over prioritizing, it also creates unnecessary hype for the celebrity baby concerned.

Now that poor soul would have to be under the watchful eyes of the public every single time she moves around. She would be under the gazing eyes of the public even before it can start walking. The counter argument to the other Bachchan’s being scrutinized is that they use the attention whenever they need it for their films. But what about that one day old kid? Names are being discussed, the features are being commented and people have started commenting whether she will emulate her parents in stardom!! Give me a break, this kid is one freaking day old!! This is despite the fact that most of the mainstream media has taken a very matured self regulated stand on this (admirably so) in appreciating the privacy of the celebrities.

Star worship has been a part of our lifestyle in the past few decades, there is no denying that. There is also no denying that entertainment has its own artistic and aesthetic value. Despite this, worship of stardom crosses the levels of sanity when it zooms in on the personal lives of the stars (especially their offsprings) and this can be a worrying trend. This worry becomes even more when it overshadows important issues such as opportunities to improve education and health care for the underprivileged.

All set and done, Baby B has stolen the show for its first day, hope the world gives it space and looks to other babies that need the attention and help.

Bottom Line: Baby B needs the space, other babies need help!!

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