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Especially for BuddyBits readers we have taken an exclusive interview of Rj Roshan and Dj Adee, the makers of Superhit Guajarati Remixes of “Amplifier” and “Kolaveri Di”.

Have a look at the Interview:

RJ Roshan

On this question RJ Roshan answered: “I am in radio industry since last 4 years.”

He was Born and brought up in Navsari, Surat. But besides being in Vadodara, he is more attached to Surat. And don’t forget to mention ‘The ONGC Bridge’ of Surat is his favorite place.

He calls himself SURTI.

Surat is famous for its food and its Language where ‘galis’ are common in regular speech. On this Roshan smile fully denied for having Surti tone in his speech even though half of the year he spent in Surat.

DJ Adee

DJ Adee introduced himself and said, “I am DJ since last 8 years and 4 years in radio as sound engineer.”
He was born and brought up in Vadodara. But speaking about his favorite city and he speaks for Ahmedabad. He likes sophisticated culture and food of Ahmedabad.
As far as both concerns with their creativity, they said that creativity is relates to their daily work.

On this question RJ Roshan very honestly said that he only knows this after he got the job as an RJ.
Since from school time it is his hobby to participate in various creative competitions like debate, essay writing, drama etc. He is very much aware with his Different from Others thinking capacity somewhat creative too.

He further continues that before being an RJ he was in marketing field, where he went door to door for marketing. And one day by a friend he came to know about a vacancy in a radio station. He gave an audition and succeeds. The most noticeable thing that they appreciate Roshan’s different and creative style of thinking and gave him chance.

Dj Adee said that from his early days he used to travel in all over Gujarat for events and programs.

He confidently replied that in years he met lots of people and now he can guess for the crowd that what kind of music test they have.
And further more he added that Guajarati people like almost every kind of music. It’s like our culture that we can dance on any music. And as we are Indian, Bollywood is all ours.

In reference to his first experience of the dance floor as DJ he shared his experience that at the time of starting he was nervous. But as party reaches on its peak all nervousness gone with the wind.

RJ Roshan also shared his very first moment of being ON AIR. To the exact opposite from DJ Adee, he said that he was confident enough or better to say little over confident. But just before few seconds of show he started shivering. Even in nervous excitement he mumbled some words but instantly he covered it up. This incident help him to increase his confidence, he realize that he can actually tackle being ON AIR situation.

For this question DJ Adee simply said answer in one line. “Before being DJ I was one of the million and after it I am one in a million.”

Must say DJ has effective yet simple way to explain things. Move on to RJ Roshan’s answer. He said that, of course there are tremendous changes. Now we have to behave in a certain way. We can’t wonder around carelessly like we used to do in college time.

It’s tough to eat panipuri on road side when you are carrying a reputed company tag with you. But you have to behave in sophisticated way.

On this DJ Adee said to us about his memorable experience. He starts saying that, “There is belief that DJ is the thing for youngsters. But I’ve done different thing. Which I never forget.” He has done a party where there were all above age 70. And the whole party-DJing done on MUKESHJEE’s songs. He made them dance from bhangara to cabre.

RJ Roshan has a different experience from DJ. It happened once that he received a call in his office. The call was from a girl whose mother was suffering from some disease, where she was not able to move or react. The girl called up just to say that her mother did not react at anybody but she mostly smiled on hearing Roshan on the radio. After completing his show Roshan went to their house and spend an hour with that aunt. He murmured to her ears, in his regular radio style. And in amazement she was actually smiling. And otherwise no reaction.

“This was one of the thing that make me believe strongly that doing this job is worthy of anything.” Lastly added RJ Roshan.

On the question, they both agreed in favor of education.

They explain that, “We normally do such things. Like total jumbled and cluttered with songs lyrics. But usually we do it for fun so it’s never the whole song. Just some lines only.” They have done this mumbling jumbling with 100s of songs. They once advised by a girl to try out for a whole song, they accept advice and delightfully dedicated the song to the girls!

On working together idea, they laughed and said that they don’t know how it went. It is just happened with out any hows.

There is a story after their first song “Amplifier” which they shared with us. And said that it was purely a coincidence. Adee have already prepare lyrics and karaoke and music. Then he ask Roshan to just look over it. It was weekend and despite Roshan is in hurry he agreed to stand for a while and look over it. Roshan modified some of the words and sing it just usually. Adee recorded it and mix it with music and with his skills he made a wonderful and Dhinchak version of Amplifier. When on Monday Roshan came back to office he came to know that Adee have already upload the song on YOUTUBE and the most surprising thing is people liking it like anything.

After around the one year of amplifier they got inspired by another song “Kolaveri di” and they made gujrati version “Why this chhokari always kharcha di”. This got audience’s full interest without any doubt.

They said that they have done nothing much. They just upload and share a link of songs on Media platform like YOUTUBE and FACEBOOK. The Gujarati remix thing is itself in such a demanding state that saved their energy efforts for promotion.

Answering this question they both laughed aloud and said that “woofer kafi milti hai par amplification process ho nahi pata. Because hamari power supply hi gul hai.”

RJ Roshan said, “It was not crush yaar, it’s a crash.” They both were in school at that time.

We can say for Roshan and Adee that “Crushes are more beautiful then affairs. Because there is no responsibilities, no worry, no commitments. Just look at your crush and smile like an idiot.” That’s the same thing happened to both of them.

Further Roshan added that he never have the guts to say to the girl directly. Even she met her once in a month still he never said a word to her of being his crush. While Dj Adee admitted in front of the girl on the last day of school. But it was last day so girl went on.

DJ Adee answered “My parents”

RJ Roshan answered “It’s very common but I think Love is the most valuable thing in life. Without it everything is meaningless.”

DJ Adee follows two quotes

  1. Tit for tat
  2. Go with the flow

RJ Roshan also agreed with the second funda. And more over to that he added that “Jo aaj tak nahi kiya wo pehale karlo.” (What ever one wants to do and have not done yet, Do it first.)

This is the question where BuddyBits team also take pride on answer as they said, “Like you are taking our interview is one of the moment which make us feel proud.” They continued saying that. “What matters a lot is when you came to know that your work making people happy. You gave reason to enjoy them. ”

DJ & RJ said simultaneously “Go with the flow.” So we have to wait and watch. What time has decided for them!

Favorite Movie:
Roshan answered to this question very hilariously “Any movie that makes me sleep!”

Favorite song, Singer, Actor and Actress:
“Favourite songs, Jeene ke ishare mil gaye(PHIR MILENGE) and Hum hai rahi pyar ke (NAU DO GYARAH).
Singer Suresh Vadkar. Actors Akshay kumar, Juhi chavla and Anushka Sharma.”

Which things make your mood turn on or off?
“Music turns on my mood. While negativity turns me off.”

Which thing you love to do when you are free?
“Love to think and write in free time.”

What you hate the most?
“Don’t hate anything. Yes there are things I dislike but not I hate. Life is too small to love, so why to waste on hating. ”

Favorite cuisine and Holiday Destination:
“Mom’s bhindi is my favourite and holiday destination any cool and snowy place.”

Favorite Movie:
“Avtar, Robot, RaOne. Any movie that has technically strong features” From Adee’s answer we can conclude that he has a balanced personality between a techno guy and a creative person.

Favorite song, Singer, Actor and Actress:
“Mostly I like all new song. But title track of Taare Zameen Par has leave the mark. Sonu nigam is my favorite singer. In actors there are many. But Aamir khan, Katrina kaif have little more attention. ”

Which things make your mood turn on or off?
“To turn on the mood-Food and Exercise.” And for turning off the mood he is having humorous answer, “ Ladkiyo ki Jik Jik”

What you hate the most?
“Basically I am the person who willing to accept things. So no question arise to hate.”

Favorite cuisine and Holiday Destination:
“Pasta is my favorite and speak for places then every place has its own speciality.”

RJ Roshan:

“Life is not so complicated as we think of it. Our experiences whether bad or good or worst are the key for our best future.” Again he gave a amusing touch by saying, “Like we spend whatever on girls it’s now lyric of the song which is super hit.”

“Negativity has its own positivity in it. You just need proper vision to see it. ”

Well, we admit that RJ Roshan you said very well.

DJ Adee:

“Every drop is useful to make an ocean. We dreamt and we confused ourselves. But if we start cherishing every experience or moment, then we have so much in life to treasure.”

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