Who will be evicted, Shonali or Mahek?

Today’s eviction is the most unpredictable and unbelievable eviction. Every Bigg Boss viewer is very excited for today’s eviction. In the beginning, it was said that Shonali is evicted in today’s episode. But after that lots of buzz on Mahek’s eviction was spread on the internet. So, it’s not yet cleared who will be eliminate from the Bigg Boss 5 today.

Shonali Nagrani and Mahek Chahal were nominated for eviction this week along with Siddharth Bhardhwaj and Amar Upadhyay. But, according to us Siddharth and Amar is definitely safe from today’s eviction. It’s a battle between two contestants Mahek and Shonali.

According to public voted, Shonali Nagrani should be evicted from Bigg Boss. But Pooja Bedi (evicted co-contestant of Bigg Boss 5) tweeted in the morning, today’s eviction is shocking for all viewers. She was giving hint about Mahek’s eviction. So, now it’s to be shown that Who actually get evicted. Mahek or Shonali?

We also published many articles on Eviction of Shonali and Mahek. But now, we are not able to predict anything. According to our final eviction ratio for today’s episode, Mahek should be evicted. Let see who get evicted today.

Eviction Ratio:

  1. Mahek Chahal: 85%
  2. Shonali Nagrani: 15%

Stay tuned to Bigg Boss for today’s exciting eviction. Give us your opinions through Comments.

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