The Mysterious Death


The four friends have just came to Simla Hills after having first experience of real haunted Place- The Haunted Cottage. The Death of the Ghost of Alighadh Cottage is still a secret. They wanted to find out the mystery of the Death of the Caretaker. ‘The Mysterious Death’ is the sequence of ‘The Haunted Cottage’ and it will reveal many mysteries behind that Haunted Cottage.

Note: This is the sequence of our previous story- “The Haunted Cottage”. So if you have not yet read previous story, please read it first. Click Here to read The Haunted Cottage.

Part 1

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]fter few days of visiting The Haunted Cottage, the four friends Aadi, Aish, Sid and Riddhi are taking a chat in living room. They have just came from college.

“Hey guys, do you know? I am very happy today.” said Sid.

“And, what makes you feel so?” asked Riddhi.

“Well, I got a new friend in college.” Sid replied.

“Ohh, Friend or Girl Friend?” asked Riddhi.

“Friend, of course!” said Sid. “A female friend.” he added.

“Wow, who is she?” asked Aadi.

“Avni. She have just joined college. She is our junior.” said Sid.

“How did you meet her?” asked Aish.

“I met Avni in library. She was searching for ‘The Paranormal Activity’ book in library. When she asked for this book to librarian, I quickly replied- The third cupboard from left side in Fiction Section.” said Sid.

“And how do you know about this book?” asked Riddhi.

“I have read it before two weeks.” said Sid.

“Ok, then what happen?” asked Aadi.

“I draw her to the left side of Fiction Section. I gave her that book. She thanked me. Then we went to canteen, and have an introduction. I think she will join us very soon, because she is also interested in study of Occult Science, Supernatural Power and Paranormal activity.” said Sid.

“Wow! That’s great.” said Aish.

“We are going to meet her tomorrow.” said Aadi.

“Sure. In fact, I have promised Avni to introduce her with you all guys.” said Sid.

“Ok, let’s check out your taste.” said Riddhi.

All smiled.

Next day, they all met Avni. After meeting her, they came to know that Avni is very much interested in Occult Science and having good knowledge about it. Avni mixed up with them perfectly. Now they five are the best friends.

Avni was staying with her aunt in Simla. And, she was in search of some good guest house or hostel in Simla Hills for long time. The Four offered Avni to stay with them. Avni was looking very happy. She took permission from her aunt, and start staying with the four.
Now, they are not four. They are now five. Yes, Avni joined them permanently.

After few days on a silent night, they all were having a talk on terrace. Aadi, Aish, Sid and Riddhi shared their experience at the haunted cottage with Avni. Avni was looking very excited during the discussion.

So Riddhi asked Avni, “So, tell us something about your experience in paranormal thing. Have you ever experiences something like that?”

“Well, I want to share something very unusual with you. You won’t believe it. But it’s true.” said Avni.

“Arey, try us dear. We believe you. Go ahead.” Said Aadi in tender tone.

“Ok than listen. I got strange visions sometimes. They were all the time very horrible.” said Avni.

“God! What exactly you see in those visions?” asked Aish.

“I don’t remember all. But yes. I remember one of them. Because I have got this vision many times.” said Avni.

“Oh, please tell us. We are very eager to know about that vision.” said Sid.

“Ok then here we go.” said Avni and starts briefing with events occur in her vision, a story which she usually see in her visions.

“I am on a picnic with my friends on a strange place in the evening. We are sitting on the bank of a lake. And it’s in the middle of the jungle and far away from the city. The place is covered with huge trees.

There is an awful silence. We can clearly hear the wind, and strange voices coming from the jungle.

After sometimes, we see very horrible scene on the opposite bank side.

One lady was running from the jungle and before we can understand something, she jumped into the lake.

This makes us all shiver. We all got frightened.”

“And my vision got broken here.” Avni added.

“Oh my god! What is the meaning of all these?” exclaimed Riddhi.

“But it was horrible, yaar.” said Sid.

“Yes, when I have first seen this, I have got taken aback.” said Avni.

“But now, it don’t surprise me anymore.” she added.

“I think if you are getting this vision many times, this incident is surely having some bond with the physical world.” said Aish.

“Yes, it’s must be having some connection with the real world.” said Aadi.

“I don’t know yet, what is the mystery behind this vision.” said Avni.

“Hey Avni, is there any other experience that feels somewhat like vision. You know what I mean, something that you know before it happens or something like that.” curiously ask Aish.

“Yes, many times. but I don’t remember any thing right now. I have often felt that I have gone through the same situation before.” said Avni.

“Some what like a Déjà vu experience right?” exclaimed Aish.

“yes.” replied Avni.

“Hey! what’s this Déjà vu? asked Riddhi.

Aadi explained about it, “Déjà vu means ‘Already seen’ It is the experience of feeling sure that one has already witnessed or experienced a current situation, even though the exact circumstances of the prior encounter are uncertain and were perhaps imagined.”

“Oh, I didn’t aware of this term.” Admit Sid.

“But now you know exactly what it means. Right!” said Avni and added “My many visions have come true in the real world.”

“Oh, it means you are having supernatural power!” said Riddhi.

“Hmm, and it seems you have strong power regarding this. You have to utilize your power for good things.” said Aish.

“Yes you are right. But I get only horrible visions, and I am trying to find out the bond of my visions with the real world.” said Avni.

“Ok forget it guys. We have forgotten very important thing.” said Riddhi.

“What?” asked Sid.
“We have to find out the secret behind the death of that caretaker of Alighadh cottage.” said Riddhi.

“Hmm ,you are right Riddhi. We should go to that cottage again. What you say?” asked Sid.

“Yes, absolutely Sid. We will go to that cottage again, but this time we go with avni.” said Aadi.

“Would you like to experience the haunted cottage with us?” asked Aish to Avni.

“Yes sure, we will definitely go to that haunted cottage. We have to solve that mystery guys.” said Avni.

To be Continued..

Stay tuned to BuddyBits for the mysteries behind haunted cottage of Alighadh.

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