World’s first Android Store: Android Land

Australian telecom operator, Telstra has unveiled ‘Androidland’ – the world’s first store within a store that showcases the latest Android smartphones and tablets. Located at Telstra’s flagship retail outlet in Bourke Street, Melbourne, this 154 square metre space brings together interactive technology, games and on-site experts to explain the features of Google’s Android operating system. The new Androidland comes just in time for the Christmas rush, and aims to provide gift shoppers a choice to buy from a whole range of Android smartphones along with providing them plenty of ideas and buying guide tips.

Visitors to Androidland will be able to:

Board the Android spaceship: An interactive spaceship zone that allows visitors to pilot the Google Earth app on the giant screen and fly across the world; play Angry Birds on a big interactive screen; and create an Android avatar that can be printed or shared.

Have fun in the play zone: Visitors can sit under a pixel tree and play with live devices, try their luck on an Android skill tester and clown machine and flick through a virtual library of Google Books.

Get expert advice: Android experts, specially trained by Google will be on hand to help customers set up their Google accounts, recommend popular Android Market apps, answer questions and to help customize device homescreens.

Get hands on with the latest Android devices: Visitors will be able to try out a wide range of working Android smartphone and tablets.

Window shop: Customers will be able to interact with a massive 24 x 9 metre window display that features an augmented reality game challenging visitors to catch Android robots drifting in a virtual snowfall.

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