Yamamotoyama, The Largest Sumo Wrestler is entering in Bigg Boss

Finale of Bigg Boss season 5 is just a one week away, and someone is entering in Bigg Boss! Yamamotoyama, The Largest Sumo Wrestler is entering in Bigg Boss House as a guest entry. Finale is just 9 days away and Bigg Boss have decided for a guest entry of Yamamotoyama to add more spice to the show.

Yamamotoyama is a former sumo wrestler from the city of Saitama in Saitama Prefecture, Japan. Making his professional debut in January 2007, he reached the top makuuchi division in January 2009. His highest rank was maegashira 9. At 265 kg (580 lb), he is the heaviest Japanese-born sumo wrestler ever. In April 2011 he was told to retire by the Japan Sumo Association after he and several other wrestlers were found to be involved in match-fixing.

Now, let see if his entry makes any change in TRP or not.