Who Will Play Mehrunissa – Chitrangada, Vidya or Katrina?

She is Sudhir Mishra’s muse. But for the first time, Chitrangda Singh may not be a part of the director’s ambitious film Mehrunissa. Mumbai Mirror has learnt that the film’s producers – UTV Motion Pictures – are not as keen as Mishra to have Chitrangda in the lead role. In fact, reports state that UTV is looking for an A-list actress instead. According to a source close to the developments, the production house, who had previously considered Vidya Balan, has now set its sights on Katrina Kaif.

Reportedly, the production house plans on approaching Katrina for a detailed narration of the script. The source explained, “UTV and Nikhil Advani are co-producing Mehrunissa. While Nikhil has maintained a noncommittal stance as far as casting goes, UTV are keen on getting Katrina to essay the lead role. Considering that the film is about a girl who drives a wedge in the 50-year old friendship between two friends essayed by Big B and Rishi Kapoor, the production house feels that the youth market can only be won over by an actress like Katrina.”

Interestingly though neither Big B nor Rishi will actually share screen space with the actress, since the story is told through flashbacks of when they were young (played by newcomers) and courting the beautiful, unattainable girl.

Previously, it was Vidya, who was offered the role of this unattainable girl. “Vidya was considered due to her connection with the film’s producer Siddharth Roy Kapur, but she was not so excited about the script,” added our source.

While Advani was unaware about the decision to cast Katrina, UTV chose not to respond. As for Mishra, he maintained that he has never met the actress. Katrina remained unavailable for comment.

Source: Next Bollywood

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