Who will Quit Bigg Boss 5 for Rs. 15 Lakh?

Latest Buzz: Siddharth Bhardhwaj left Bigg Boss by accepting Rs.15 Lakh?

Finale of Bigg Boss 5 is only few days away. And 5 finalists including Amar, Mahek, Sid, Sky and Juhi are remaining in the house. Bigg Boss has offered Rs.15 lakh to leave the show. Actually, in every season’s last week, Bigg Boss offers some price money to leave the show. In Bigg Boss Season 3, Bhaktyaar Irani had quit the show in last week for Rs.10 Lakh. And in previous season of Bigg Boss, Ashmit Patel had decided to quit the show for Rs. 10 Lakh, but not leaved the show.

In the fifth season, Bigg Boss has offered Rs. 15 Lakh to leave the show before finale. This episode will be aired on 3rd January. Now let see who quit the show for price money.

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