Chat Transcript: Live Chat on Android with Mr. Ritesh Ambastha and Mr. Utpal Betai

Here is a Chat Transcript of the Live Chat happened on Android with Experts Mr. Ritesh Ambastha & Mr. Utpal Betai on 6th February, 2012.

[6:00 PM] nishitjariwala: I would like to introduce all of you to the Expert of the Day- Mr. Ritesh Ambastha
[6:00 PM] nishitjariwala: Mr. Ritesh ambastha is the Founder & CEO of
[6:01 PM] riteshambastha: Hello guys !
[6:01 PM] goldhasit: Hello Mr. Ambastha
[6:02 PM] nishitjariwala: Sir, please give us a brief introduction to Android
[6:02 PM] riteshambastha: Okay
[6:02 PM] riteshambastha: I hope you guys know little bit about Android.
[6:02 PM] riteshambastha: It’s a mobile operating system which has gone from a virtually unknown open source solution to the current mobile OS market leader.
[6:03 PM] goldhasit: Not much, Just that that this is an open source Mobile OS by Google.
[6:03 PM] riteshambastha: @goldhasit .. exactly
[6:04 PM] goldhasit: Great
[6:04 PM] riteshambastha: Now how Android became the market leader is a question.
[6:04 PM] riteshambastha: How it has surpassed the market share of Nokia and iOS (iPhone)
[6:04 PM] riteshambastha: There seems to be no end in sight for Android’s rocketing success
[6:05 PM] riteshambastha: And this is a great news for the participants of this program.
[6:05 PM] piyush: right
[6:05 PM] goldhasit: It would be great if you add the future prospect too in question.
[6:05 PM] riteshambastha: @goldhasit .. yeah i am going to include that too
[6:05 PM] goldhasit: Cool. Go ahead.
[6:05 PM] riteshambastha: There are multiple reasons of the successful journey
[6:05 PM] riteshambastha: 1. Android is open source.
[6:06 PM] riteshambastha: 2. It is supported by various companies – read about OHA (open handset alliance)
[6:06 PM] riteshambastha: 3. Smartphones are now getting healthier coz of rich applications. Making apps for Android is easy
[6:07 PM] riteshambastha: Eg: To make apps for Android you have to use Java programming.
[6:07 PM] riteshambastha: @utpal – Thanks for joining in.
[6:07 PM] utpal: Welcome Sir
[6:07 PM] meghna: yes, sir i have a question.
[6:07 PM] utpal: thanks for organizing this
[6:07 PM] nishitjariwala: Hello guys
[6:08 PM] nishitjariwala: Meet Mr. Utpal Betai
[6:08 PM] nishitjariwala: The Android Expert from IT Industry. Thanks sir for joining this live event.
[6:09 PM] riteshambastha: go ahead @meghna
[6:09 PM] meghna: Android is Open Source. So, what advantages can we get from this?
[6:09 PM] mohsin_surani: what is malware protection in android sir?
[6:10 PM] utpal: @meghna open source environment allows us to make changes to the code if we want
[6:10 PM] utpal: it is more customizable
[6:11 PM] utpal: @mohsin Android has added bouncer for malware protection
[6:11 PM] riteshambastha: @meghna It’s open source. So, there is nothing to hide. We all know what is running inside
[6:12 PM] riteshambastha: We have the code access and we can understand how every feature work on the Android mobile
[6:12 PM] riteshambastha: Also, as a developer – u can tweak the existing code & play a lot
[6:12 PM] meghna: hmm thanks sir πŸ™‚
[6:13 PM] hemins_bhavsar: Sir, i know the C , C++ & HTML language. Then should i make the android application?
[6:13 PM] goldhasit: @ambastha you mean to say that we can’t so same stuff in iOS?
[6:13 PM] riteshambastha: @goldhasit – we can do upto some extent.
[6:13 PM] riteshambastha: @hemins_bhavsar – You know C++ which is very nice.
[6:13 PM] riteshambastha: @hemins_bhavsar – You should learn Java basics to start your Android journey
[6:15 PM] riteshambastha: NEXT QUESTION
[6:16 PM] suketu: Complete java or basic java?
[6:16 PM] riteshambastha: Basic knowledge of Java is more than sufficient to start playing with Android development
[6:16 PM] hemins_bhavsar: ok sir, thanks sir
[6:16 PM] goldhasit: @ambastha just JAVA or any other programming/scripting language can also do?
[6:17 PM] mohsin_surani: is C# and python , ajax and rails useful in android OS
[6:18 PM] riteshambastha: yes there are many options available
[6:18 PM] riteshambastha: but, my suggestion for you guys are to pick up Java as the base language
[6:18 PM] goldhasit: any reason behind that?
[6:19 PM] riteshambastha: Multiple reasons for the kind of audience. Right now this audience is learning or going to
[6:19 PM] riteshambastha: learn Java in their syllabus
[6:19 PM] riteshambastha: More forums and community support
[6:19 PM] riteshambastha: More API supports
[6:19 PM] riteshambastha: and so on
[6:19 PM] goldhasit: cool
[6:19 PM] utpal: Because basic language used to create android is java and you will get all necessary libraries to start development in java
[6:20 PM] goldhasit: @utpal nice
[6:21 PM] riteshambastha: language is secondary, and learning Java will b easy if u know C++
[6:22 PM] riteshambastha: 1. Android is Linux based mobile operating system
[6:22 PM] riteshambastha: It has the linux kernel 2.6
[6:22 PM] riteshambastha: It is one of the very first complete multitasking mobile OS
[6:22 PM] riteshambastha: there are many features too that can’t be neglected
[6:23 PM] meghna: sir how Android is different from other OS??
[6:24 PM] mohsin_surani: most servers are based on linux
[6:24 PM] riteshambastha: @mohsin – more than 60% web servers run on Apache (globally)
[6:25 PM] riteshambastha: @mohsin @hemins 90% + banks run their services on Linux servers
[6:25 PM] riteshambastha: @meghna – i told you about Android OS
[6:26 PM] riteshambastha: now lets talk about other Mobile OS
[6:26 PM] jay: yes ofcourse
[6:26 PM] riteshambastha: There are different mobile operating systems available
[6:26 PM] jay: tell us something about nokia..
[6:27 PM] riteshambastha: @Jay – Nokia is based on Symbian OS
[6:27 PM] jay: ok
[6:27 PM] riteshambastha: but now Nokia is coming up with windows mobile OS too
[6:27 PM] jay: and kernel?
[6:27 PM] riteshambastha: Nokia is not open source but a closed proprietary company
[6:27 PM] riteshambastha: You don’t know what runs inside Nokia OS’s or iOSs
[6:28 PM] jay: so they have own kernel.
[6:28 PM] riteshambastha: @jay – Symbina kernel EKA2
[6:28 PM] jay: hmm
[6:28 PM] meghna: sir i have very silly question to ask. what is kernal?
[6:29 PM] riteshambastha: @meghna – If car is the operating system – then engine is the kernel.
[6:29 PM] meghna: thank you sir
[6:30 PM] jay: can we overclock the prcessor in android mobile
[6:31 PM] riteshambastha: @jay – yes you can do that for sure… few risks are involved
[6:31 PM] hemins_bhavsar: Are android apps faster than Apple apps????
[6:32 PM] riteshambastha: @hemins – apps are multiple. the speed depends on the mobile handset and how the app is programmed and on many other parameters
[6:33 PM] goldhasit: Oracle and Google are in a legal battle with Oracle claiming Google infringed copyrights
[6:33 PM] riteshambastha: @gold – this is a technical discussion forum. Nor for MBAs πŸ™‚
[6:33 PM] goldhasit: Java APIs and infringed its Java patents with Android
[6:33 PM] riteshambastha: @goldhasit – The battles will go on
[6:33 PM] goldhasit: Well you are correct
[6:33 PM] mohsin_surani: sir pls explain malware protection in detail
[6:34 PM] utpal: they have this new malware detection mechanism added and its known as bouncer
[6:34 PM] utpal: they will look for all the apps with ill intentions
[6:35 PM] riteshambastha: πŸ™‚
[6:35 PM] goldhasit: @utpal How they really define ill intentions?
[6:35 PM] goldhasit: I mean accessing data or something without user content?
[6:35 PM] utpal: if the app is doing something which it is not suppose too
[6:35 PM] utpal: yes
[6:36 PM] utpal: when u install app you allow some access to your data for a specific purpose
[6:36 PM] goldhasit: @well cant we also define some certain rule sets to make something like bouncer or may
[6:36 PM] utpal: but it app is using it for some other purpose
[6:36 PM] utpal: you can but they will have this mechanism
[6:37 PM] goldhasit: So they have defined the rule sets and we cant change it?
[6:37 PM] utpal: it will all be pre scanned
[6:37 PM] meghna: sir bouncer is like firewall or what?
[6:37 PM] utpal: no it is like a mechanism on app store to prevent malware apps to go live and affect android app users
[6:38 PM] hemins_bhavsar: will the virus enter in the android??????
[6:38 PM] utpal: @hemins no
[6:38 PM] riteshambastha: @hemins you can’t get your malicious app listed in the market-place.
[6:38 PM] riteshambastha: there is a review system with set of rules
[6:39 PM] utpal: it will scan all existing and future apps on app store
[6:39 PM] mohsin_surani: sir android OS is mobile OS but y anyone not trying to develop this for computer
[6:40 PM] riteshambastha: @mohsin Google came up with chrome OS. Heard about that?
[6:40 PM] mohsin_surani: no
[6:40 PM] nishitjariwala: Sir please give us a brief introduction of that
[6:41 PM] riteshambastha: Chrome OS is a linux based OS developed by Google
[6:41 PM] riteshambastha: it is developed to work exclusively for web applications
[6:42 PM] riteshambastha: Its again an open source project
[6:42 PM] riteshambastha: but an operating system – full form – chromium os
[6:42 PM] nishitjariwala: wow Google is giving best products..:)
[6:42 PM] riteshambastha: Android OS is limited to mobile and tablets
[6:42 PM] goldhasit: @utpal The basic rules that differentiates malware to usable stuff..I mean there must be some guidelines.
[6:43 PM] utpal: @goldshit yes but they form the guidelines
[6:43 PM] goldhasit: @utpal Cool. So we HAVE to follow it..
[6:44 PM] piyush: sir, android is open source, so how google will make money from it?
[6:44 PM] riteshambastha: @piyush The same business model of Google – making money via advertisements
[6:46 PM] riteshambastha: Do you need free books for Android?
[6:46 PM] suketu: yes sir.
[6:47 PM] riteshambastha: @suketu – download free android books
[6:47 PM] meghna: if we made an application in android, so we have to purchase licence for selling or not?
[6:47 PM] riteshambastha: @meghna – u just need to buy a one time license (very cheap)
[6:48 PM] riteshambastha: @meghna 25$
[6:48 PM] suketu: thanx sir
[6:49 PM] goldhasit: anyway..tell us more about Android
[6:49 PM] riteshambastha: @goldhasit – that’s a good question
[6:50 PM] riteshambastha: You guys need to install eclipse and android sdk for starting development
[6:51 PM] riteshambastha: u can download the SDKs free
[6:51 PM] utpal: @gold go ahead
[6:51 PM] goldhasit: I mean how the microprocessor Clock time get synced with software clock?
[6:52 PM] riteshambastha: @utpal – continue
[6:52 PM] goldhasit: Do the sound quality of any Call is also dependent on OS on mobile?
[6:53 PM] utpal: @gold no for that they have this special hardware
[6:53 PM] utpal: @gold it is not dependent on OS
[6:54 PM] goldhasit: Ok sir
[6:54 PM] utpal: @gold some newer mobile handsets come this piece of hardware that takes care of audio and call quality
[6:54 PM] utpal: now it is being used in new iPhone also
[6:55 PM] utpal: some high range Samsung phones has it too
[6:55 PM] goldhasit: Yeah, I was under the impression that any data exchange is also monitored by OS somewhere
[6:55 PM] utpal: @gold OS comes in picture too but this special mechanism helps in improving quality first
[6:55 PM] goldhasit: I mean if not, we actually can’t provide the apps that change the bitrate or data exchange rate
[6:56 PM] suketu: sir tell me abt the TAB
[6:57 PM] riteshambastha: @suketu – Tablets? what do u wanna know
[6:57 PM] suketu: about Os
[6:58 PM] nisarg_joshi: sir can we change the os of the tablet?
[6:58 PM] riteshambastha: @nisarg – heard of jailbreaking?
[6:59 PM] nisarg_joshi: no sir
[6:59 PM] riteshambastha: @nisarg – you can hack down ur systems and install different OS’s. Google it πŸ™‚
[7:00 PM] amit_jotani: if i sell my own Android app, i have to give commission to google or not?
[7:00 PM] riteshambastha: @amit – NO
[7:00 PM] riteshambastha: @amit – Google takes no commission. They make money via advertisements
[7:01 PM] amit_jotani: great..
[7:01 PM] mohsin_surani: google’s business totally depends on advertisements?
[7:02 PM] riteshambastha: @mohsin – YES (90% + )
[7:02 PM] riteshambastha: @mohsin – they have SaaS models too (software as a service)
[7:03 PM] riteshambastha: @mohsin – u can buy more space in gmail, pay for google apps and so on
[7:03 PM] amit_jotani: sir i have one question. How motion sensors are implemented with programming language?
[7:04 PM] riteshambastha: @amit – there are APIs available to do that. These r like controllers for accessing the sensor hardware
[7:04 PM] amit_jotani: ok thanks
[7:05 PM] utpal: thank you all
[7:05 PM] mohsin_surani: which is more recommended and best language C++ or C?
[7:06 PM] riteshambastha: @mohsin – your choice πŸ™‚
[7:06 PM] riteshambastha: @mohsin – work on C++ first.
[7:06 PM] mohsin_surani: ok sir
[7:06 PM] amit_jotani: sir can we convert web application to android apps?
[7:07 PM] riteshambastha: yup. google about HTML5 based android apps
[7:07 PM] amit_jotani: so we can convert this site buddybits to android app??
[7:08 PM] riteshambastha: yes u can do that
[7:10 PM] hemins_bhavsar: is any os available in market better than Android?
[7:10 PM] riteshambastha: @hemins – I would say No
[7:10 PM] riteshambastha: On 15 November 2011, Android reached 52.5% of the global smartphone market share.
[7:11 PM] goldhasit: @ritesh sir can we install Android on Nokia?
[7:11 PM] riteshambastha: @goldhasit – yes people have done it so many times
[7:12 PM] nishitjariwala: Any application is available that converts & run android apps in other os?
[7:12 PM] riteshambastha: @nishit – there are few but they don’t give the reasonable performances
[7:13 PM] nishitjariwala: ok
[7:14 PM] nishitjariwala: Guys, i think we have done with our session. Any one have more questions?
[7:14 PM] hemins_bhavsar: sir books about android.
[7:15 PM] riteshambastha: @hemins –
[7:16 PM] nishitjariwala: Guys join this group for 24×7 help on Android
[7:16 PM] riteshambastha: Have more questions?
[7:17 PM] hemins_bhavsar: No sir. Thnaks for giving ur time for us
[7:17 PM] nishitjariwala: I think we have done with the session
[7:17 PM] riteshambastha: Those who are interested in learning HTML5, Download HTML5 books from here:
[7:17 PM] riteshambastha:
[7:17 PM] riteshambastha: @nishit – yeah done πŸ™‚ Thanks
[7:18 PM] suketu: Thanx for your time.
[7:18 PM] riteshambastha: My pleasure
[7:18 PM] hemins_bhavsar: thank u very much Ritesh sir & Nishit Jariwala
[7:18 PM] mohsin_surani: thank u sir
[7:18 PM] nishitjariwala: Thank you so much @Ritesh Ambastha for giving us your time and being with us
[7:19 PM] suketu: thanx nishit for providing us this gr8 seasion
[7:20 PM] riteshambastha: Bye guys. Stay in touch. Keep learning
[7:20 PM] suketu: Ya sure. Bye.
[7:21 PM] hemins_bhavsar: ok sir, bye.
[7:21 PM] mohsin_surani: πŸ™‚
[7:22 PM] nishitjariwala: Guys check out for interesting news & stories

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Chat Transcript: Live Chat on Android with Mr. Ritesh Ambastha and Mr. Utpal Betai

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