Google Drive Screenshot Leaked

Google Drive aka GDrive or Google’s cloud storage facility is invoking a lot of speculation since last year. We saw a blurred image in last September’s Google Sponsored event suggesting Native Syncing Software. Its now the talk of the town that ‘Google Drive’ is expected to launch in next few weeks or at the Google I/O Conference happening in June this year. What might interest some netizens is the hullabaloo that occurred when a screenshot of Google Drive was leaked by a reader of Geekwire.

So, now chances are that GDrive, which is a direct competitor of services like Dropbox, might make a quiet appearance very soon. As you can see from the image above, there is a list of files uploaded and a create button in red with an image of a ‘drive’ on it. There is also a ‘Install Google Drive’ link at the bottom left corner, which suggests a desktop application to help you upload and download data to and from the Google Drive cloud.

There has been a lot of talk going on around about this screenshot being very similar to Google Docs interface. The question is, will Google scrap its Google Docs service (that lets you upload, store, and edit documents online) to make way for GDrive? Is this a morphed screenshot of a Google Docs page? Also, there have been no reports of GDrive being activated on anyone else’s Google account. Let us know what you feel about the whole affair.

Source: Crazy Engineers

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