Live Chat on Cloud Computing with Mr. Ritesh Ambastha

Now a days, Cloud Computing is very hot in trends. Everyone is keen to know about this new technology. After first successful Live Chat on Android, this time we are coming with Live Chat on Cloud Computing with Mr. Ritesh Ambastha, founder and CEO,

Android Expert

A man who had aspired high, high enough to achieve all what he wanted, the eyes were always on one thing, his goal.

Yes, we are talking about the founder, and the brain behind the one and only student’s professional network, Mr. Ritesh Ambastha. He always had a vision of spreading education to all those, who want to acquire knowledge but lack in resources or have to face a problem of being from an average grade college. He is not a social worker, but is a person, who has faced all these problems, still remained intact, and achieved his goal.

Mr. Ritesh Ambastha will be available live only for BuddyBits users on BuddyBits on 29th February, 2012. The subject will be ‘Cloud Computing’. All Technology lovers can ask any questions regarding Cloud Computing whether it’s technical or non-technical. All college students, professionals, technology lovers can join this Live Event. This 2 hours will be completely Knowledge Sharing hours.

So, stay tuned to BuddyBits and join our second Live Event.