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Gautham Vasudev Menon is back to Bollywood with Ekk Deewana Tha which is the remake of his Tamil movie Vinnaithandi Varuvaaya. He has made several changes including the climax to suit the taste of Hindi audience.

The film is about an aspiring filmmaker and unemployed dreamer Sachin (Pratiek Babbar) who gets knocked out of his world when he falls in love with a Keralite Catholic girl Jessie (Amy Jackson). Following a bit of introduction, he proposes Jessie. She rejects the proposal on account of differences in religion and age. Sachin refuses to give up, and that lands him up in Kerala, her native place.

By the half of the movie, the audience is left with a sense of curiosity. Will Amy give in or atleast take a firm stand on the issue? Sachin, however, always makes plans how to meet her. He keeps on generating deeper love for Jessie who makes efforts just to form a friendship between them. Finally Amy gives in and accepts Sachin’s love.

Pratiek and Amy are equally challenged in overall ability to portray joy, suffering, betrayal and most other suitable feelings. And while low expectations usually ensure one isn’t disappointed, this one puts you down even when you’re betting on nothing.

AR Rahman is yet another party pooper who seems to have stopped re-inventing and his work here sounds like a remixed version of his earlier tunes with heavier bass notes. Hosanna may be an instant hit but the bizarre hip-hopping that the video features as the song breaks in abruptly in the movie makes it difficult to enjoy the composition

After remaking Gautham Menon’s Tamil blockbuster Kakha Kakha in Hindi as Force last year, Fox Star Studios decided to let him remake his own Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya. In a world where any shooting location is a prospective tourism plug, this one does very little for Kerala. For this, all fingers can be confidently pointed at the director of photography MS Prabhu who makes the God’s own country seems a little less inviting, with the exception of the last music video/love song picturised there.

Source: City Journal

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