No Quick Fix Solutions

Golmaal was in a fix. He needed Rs 10,000 badly and did not know whom to ask. He approached his friend,
Malamaal for a loan. “I promise to return the money in a month” he said. But, like the money, his promises also
vanished into thin air. Now, Malamaal started getting worried about getting his money back. To get rid of his
constant pestering, Golmaal approached Dhaniram, a friend with whom he had not been in touch for ages. He
made the same request and the same promise to the unsuspecting Dhaniram and managed to get Rs. 10,000
from him as well.

After getting Rs. 10,000 from Dhaniram he went straight and handed it over to Malamaal. He heaved a sigh of relief now that he had
managed to return his debt. Another month went by and it was time to pay back Dhaniram. By now Golmaal had discovered a nice solution. Golmaal ran back to Malamaal and asked him again for Rs. 10,000 which he promised to return in a month’s time. Malamaal now trusted his friend to return his money and thus lent him the money willingly. Golmaal gave this money to Dhaniram. Golmaal figured out that he was not just making things work well for him, he was keeping both his creditors happy too!

Month after month, he kept taking from one to return the other’s debt. However, fraud does not have a very long life and soon, Golmaal became a victim of his own devise. He got confused as to who he had borrowed from and whom he had to return. He did not know whether to take the Rs. 10,000 from Dhaniram to give to Malamaal or vice versa. He got rather tired and wanted to solve this issue permanently. He called them over for tea. He introduced Malamaal and Dhaniram to each other. When they were about to leave, he simply said, “I have to thank you both for having lent me money. But now, it is getting quite confusing, having to deal with the two of you. Do me a favour, just keep exchanging Rs. 10,000/- between the two of you every month!”The friends were appalled, to say the least!!

Many of us solve our money problems like Golmaal. Borrow from here, give there. Take profits from one running business and invest in some other business that is making losses. But we need to understand that these are nothing but temporary solutions. They will raise their ugly heads at some point or the other. The vicious circle would thus go on and on, never letting you get out of the clutches of financial problems. The ancient Indian system of Ayurveda had a permanent solution to good health and vitality. Ayurvedic medicines
worked on principle of prevention of disease rather than its cure. And why would a healthy person feel the need for any medication?


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Suresh Padmanabhan
Suresh Padmanabhan is an author, public speaker, columnist and creator of Money Workshop. He writes a column- "Secrets of Wealth" on BuddyBits. His book “I Love Money” has been translated into 11 Indian and foreign languages and is an international best seller. He has toured widely all over the world conducting Money Workshops.

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