Chat Transcript: Live Chat on Cloud Computing with Mr. Ritesh Ambastha

Here is a Chat Transcript of the Live Chat happened on Cloud Computing with Expert Mr. Ritesh Ambastha on 29th February, 2012.

[5:59 PM] nishit_jariwala: Hello guys

[5:59 PM] nishit_jariwala: This is Nishit Jariwala. I am going to host this live event.

[6:00 PM] nishit_jariwala: We have Mr. Ritesh Ambastha with us as today’s Expert of Live Chat.

[6:01 PM] nishit_jariwala: We are going to discuss on Cloud Computing in today’s session.

[6:01 PM] nishit_jariwala: Mr. Ritesh Ambastha is Founder and CEO of India’s One and Only Student’s professional Network-

[6:02 PM] nishit_jariwala: He will conduct the further session. We are now going to start our session.

[6:03 PM] iwillstudy: Hello Guys!

[6:03 PM] arjunvyas: hello

[6:03 PM] nishantsoni: hello sir

[6:03 PM] iwillstudy: So, we are going to learn about Cloud Computing today.

[6:04 PM] viral_patel: yes

[6:04 PM] iwillstudy: Let us start learning a new concept today.

[6:04 PM] riteshambastha: Hello students ! I will start with the basics of cloud computing

[6:05 PM] riteshambastha: It sounds like a funny technology and sometimes very complex too.

[6:05 PM] riteshambastha: But, it’s not this complex. It is very easy to understand

[6:05 PM] riteshambastha: I will try to teach you the basics about Cloud.

[6:05 PM] riteshambastha: I will try to teach you simple things about cloud in a very simple language.

[6:06 PM] nilam: ok sir go ahead


[6:06 PM] ankit_mishra: k

[6:06 PM] riteshambastha: Cloud computing or cloud service is the next in thing in the world of computers & internet.

[6:06 PM] riteshambastha: We all are using Cloud regularly on daily basis.

[6:07 PM] riteshambastha: We use cloud daily .. do you guys know about it ??

[6:07 PM] nilam: oh how?

[6:07 PM] viral_patel: no sir please tell us

[6:07 PM] riteshambastha: you use Gmail ? Google Docs?

[6:07 PM] nilam: yes

[6:07 PM] aditya_chowdhary: yes we use them

[6:08 PM] ankit_mishra: yes

[6:08 PM] riteshambastha: Do you keep your data (mails and documents) on your local computer?

[6:08 PM] nilam: yes.

[6:08 PM] aditya_chowdhary: yes we do!

[6:08 PM] riteshambastha: No! You access your data from any machine you wish to by loggin in.

[6:08 PM] riteshambastha: There are many examples which I gonna discuss today.

[6:08 PM] riteshambastha: But, basically I will start with a simple REAL LIFE example

[6:09 PM] nilam: ok sounds interesting

[6:09 PM] riteshambastha: so that you guys can understand the concept behind Cloud

[6:09 PM] nishantsoni: ok

[6:09 PM] riteshambastha: Concept is the electricity generation and distribution

[6:09 PM] riteshambastha: We all uses electricity in our homes and offices to run various electrical equipments

[6:09 PM] riteshambastha: But do we actually generate and manage the electricity ourselves locally in our homes?

[6:09 PM] aditya_chowdhary: no

[6:10 PM] arjunvyas: no

[6:10 PM] riteshambastha: Electricity is generated remotely some where in big power houses and then distributed to each household using big distribution infrastructure.

[6:10 PM] arjunvyas: yes exactly

[6:10 PM] riteshambastha: We, the end user, only pay for the electricity we consume and we are not responsible for any tasks related to its generation and management

[6:10 PM] ankit_mishra: hmm

[6:10 PM] riteshambastha: People who uses more electricity have to pay more and who uses less have to pay lesser.

[6:10 PM] riteshambastha: Same way, cloud computing works.

[6:11 PM] arjunvyas: ok

[6:11 PM] aditya_chowdhary: okay

[6:11 PM] ankit_mishra: k

[6:11 PM] riteshambastha: Cloud computing power takes the form of a service that exist remotely and you as an end user will be paying for as much as you use with no additional responsibility of its management

[6:12 PM] iwillstudy: Got some idea?

[6:12 PM] nilam: yes little bit

[6:12 PM] himanshi_manna: ya

[6:12 PM] aditya_chowdhary: yeah sounds interesting

[6:12 PM] iwillstudy: Now lets go in detail

[6:12 PM] ankit_mishra: yeah

[6:12 PM] riteshambastha: Cloud – It will change the way we use computer and internet.

[6:13 PM] riteshambastha: cloud service is nothing but to keep and access all the data, software, applications from a central server called as “cloud” and not from the local computer

[6:13 PM] riteshambastha: Obviously, internet connectivity will be an integral part of cloud computing unlike today

[6:14 PM] iwillstudy: Heard of Google Chromebooks?

[6:14 PM] himanshi_manna: ya

[6:14 PM] ankit_mishra: yes

[6:14 PM] aditya_chowdhary: yes

[6:14 PM] nishantsoni: yes

[6:14 PM] riteshambastha: It works on Cloud Technology

[6:14 PM] arjunvyas: ok

[6:14 PM] riteshambastha: It’s gonna be a diskless laptop which can work only when you are connected to internet

[6:15 PM] riteshambastha: Those who don’t know about Chromebook: Check this out:

[6:15 PM] viral_patel: ok thanks

[6:15 PM] riteshambastha: Today, even if you don’t have an internet connection, you can still use ur computer, You would still have access to all the software, applications and data

[6:15 PM] nilam: yes

[6:16 PM] riteshambastha: But once you move to cloud computing or cloud service model all of your data, applications and software move to central server which can be accessed and used via an internet connection.

[6:16 PM] iwillstudy: Now, lets go bit more into details

[6:16 PM] aditya_chowdhary: ok

[6:16 PM] viral_patel: ok

[6:16 PM] iwillstudy: We hope you guys are getting fair idea.

[6:17 PM] ankit_mishra: yes

[6:17 PM] viral_patel: yes yes

[6:17 PM] himanshi_manna: yes

[6:17 PM] aditya_chowdhary: yes

[6:17 PM] iwillstudy: Great.

[6:17 PM] riteshambastha: Let’s talk about some basics of Hosting

[6:17 PM] viral_patel: ok

[6:17 PM] aditya_chowdhary: ok

[6:17 PM] arjunvyas: k

[6:17 PM] riteshambastha: Today, to publish your own website over the web you buy a domain name (your website name) and hosting plan (server space & apps)

[6:18 PM] arjunvyas: ya

[6:18 PM] aditya_chowdhary: yeah

[6:18 PM] himanshi_manna: yup

[6:18 PM] riteshambastha: From many years, we r using the traditional hosting plans for publishing our websites. In this traditional hosting plans .. we used to buy space (lets say 100MB for our website)

[6:19 PM] aditya_chowdhary: ok

[6:19 PM] riteshambastha: Now, lets say my website don’t need 100MB space from the very first day, but only 10MB

[6:19 PM] nilam: hmm ok

[6:20 PM] riteshambastha: And we were paying for 100MB space even we wanted to use 10MB only.

[6:20 PM] nilam: ye

[6:20 PM] aditya_chowdhary: yes

[6:20 PM] riteshambastha: so, we were overpaying in bulk even though our utilization was low

[6:20 PM] himanshi_manna: yes

[6:20 PM] mirage_mitesh: yup

[6:20 PM] riteshambastha: It should be something like ‘Pay and Use’

[6:20 PM] arjunvyas: yaaa

[6:20 PM] ankit_mishra: obviously

[6:20 PM] mirage_mitesh: kind of …

[6:20 PM] riteshambastha: Yeah,

[6:20 PM] aditya_chowdhary: yeah

[6:21 PM] riteshambastha: So, there was a need of a new strategy of hosting – cloud hosting

[6:21 PM] arjunvyas: joined the group whiteboard.

[6:21 PM] riteshambastha: cloud hosting – It is sold on demand, typically by the minute or the hour;

[6:21 PM] aditya_chowdhary: ok

[6:21 PM] arjunvyas: okk

[6:21 PM] himanshi_manna: ok

[6:21 PM] riteshambastha: a user can have as much or as little of a service as they want at any given time and the service is fully managed by the provider the consumer needs nothing but a personal computer and Internet access

[6:22 PM] aditya_chowdhary: ok

[6:22 PM] mirage_mitesh: sir i have a que.

[6:22 PM] iwillstudy: @Mitesh – Ask

[6:22 PM] mirage_mitesh: if there is allotment according to time, what can u say about the bandwidth and its relation with time

[6:23 PM] mirage_mitesh: i mean to say if a person buys for 1 hr and he gets less bandwidth at its place!!

[6:23 PM] riteshambastha: Yes it’s time based too. There are different models available

[6:23 PM] riteshambastha: He can choose the bandwidth size too. He will get the same bandwidth he asked for

[6:24 PM] mirage_mitesh: what if the service provider itself restricts himself to a lower bandwidth !?

[6:24 PM] riteshambastha: No, this is not possible in the case of Cloud hosting providers.

[6:24 PM] mirage_mitesh: k … thx sir …

[6:24 PM] arjunvyas: got it

[6:25 PM] riteshambastha: You should check the amazon ec2

[6:25 PM] iwillstudy: @mitesh – we think that we should teach more to other students and answer u later on.

[6:25 PM] mirage_mitesh: yup we know tht

[6:25 PM] iwillstudy: @mitesh – you should check :

[6:25 PM] riteshambastha: Now, lets proceed with more details

[6:26 PM] aditya_chowdhary: ok

[6:26 PM] riteshambastha: A cloud can be private or public. A public cloud sells services to anyone on the Internet.

[6:26 PM] riteshambastha: Currently, Amazon Web Services is the largest public cloud provider. A private cloud is a proprietary network or a data center that supplies hosted services to a limited number of people. there is one more concept – virtual private cloud.

[6:27 PM] riteshambastha: When a service provider uses public cloud resources to create their private cloud the result is called a virtual private cloud.

[6:27 PM] nishantsoni: ok

[6:27 PM] riteshambastha: at the end – the goal is same

[6:27 PM] ankit_mishra: k

[6:27 PM] aditya_chowdhary: ok

[6:27 PM] riteshambastha: the goal of cloud computing is to provide easy, scalable access to computing resources and IT services.

[6:28 PM] nilam: Right

[6:28 PM] riteshambastha: There are different models that you should know.

[6:28 PM] riteshambastha: Do you guys pay for using Gmail ?

[6:28 PM] arjunvyas: nop

[6:28 PM] aditya_chowdhary: no we dont

[6:28 PM] ankit_mishra: no

[6:28 PM] himanshi_manna: no

[6:28 PM] mirage_mitesh: if it is above given limit!

[6:28 PM] nilam: yes exactly

[6:29 PM] hiral_bhavsar: no

[6:29 PM] riteshambastha: Exactly ! There is a limit to the free-space provided by google for using gmail.

[6:29 PM] mirage_mitesh: yup sir

[6:29 PM] mirage_mitesh: 7 gb or so … and its expanding

[6:30 PM] arjunvyas: yes yes

[6:30 PM] riteshambastha: So – When you consume your free space on Gmail – you have to purchase additional space

[6:30 PM] iwillstudy: @ALL – Lets go ahead with the session.

[6:31 PM] riteshambastha: So, now I am talking about SaaS

[6:31 PM] riteshambastha: It is called Software As A Service

[6:31 PM] mirage_mitesh: k…

[6:31 PM] nishantsoni: ok

[6:31 PM] aditya_chowdhary: ok

[6:31 PM] himanshi_manna: ok

[6:31 PM] riteshambastha: In this model, cloud providers install and operate application software in the cloud and cloud users access the software from cloud clients

[6:31 PM] riteshambastha: This must be sounding very heavy.

[6:32 PM] riteshambastha: But, you can take this in this way – you pay additionally for using an extra piece of software service

[6:32 PM] mirage_mitesh: office 365 ? as in !?

[6:32 PM] nishantsoni: yaa i think so

[6:32 PM] riteshambastha: yup

[6:32 PM] riteshambastha: See, a cloud user don’t manage the software – but they just pay and use

[6:33 PM] riteshambastha: There are many models – let me type those down:

[6:33 PM] riteshambastha: The three most important models that u guys shud understand –

[6:33 PM] riteshambastha: SaaS – Software as a service

[6:33 PM] riteshambastha: IaaS – Infrastructure as a service

[6:33 PM] riteshambastha: PaaS – Platform As A service

[6:34 PM] viral_patel: okk

[6:34 PM] nilam: k

[6:34 PM] ankit_mishra: k

[6:34 PM] iwillstudy: Let’s see what IaaS – Infrastructure as a service is

[6:34 PM] riteshambastha: Here cloud providers offer computers – as physical or more often as virtual machines aw (block) storage, firewalls, load balancers, and networks

[6:35 PM] riteshambastha: I don’t know if you guys are getting this one … but look at this image

[6:35 PM] riteshambastha:

[6:35 PM] riteshambastha: this may help you out

[6:35 PM] nilam: ok thanks

[6:35 PM] aditya_chowdhary: ok

[6:35 PM] nishantsoni: k

[6:35 PM] viral_patel: ok

[6:35 PM] riteshambastha: look at the image

[6:36 PM] riteshambastha: there are 100s of services, and other resources which can be rented out to the user over cloud

[6:36 PM] riteshambastha: It can be a software, or a platform or a part of an infrastructure. The client/customer uses his laptop and internet to access these he pays for whatever he uses.

[6:37 PM] mirage_mitesh: for PAAS it could be ?

[6:37 PM] riteshambastha: no

[6:37 PM] mirage_mitesh: why sir ?

[6:37 PM] riteshambastha: provides you traditional hosting in most of the cases but now those traditional hosting providers have introduced cloud hosting too

[6:38 PM] riteshambastha: I want all of you to check :

[6:38 PM] riteshambastha: and this is the real cloud implementation by ubuntu:

[6:39 PM] mirage_mitesh: yup … ubuntu 1 !!!

[6:39 PM] mirage_mitesh: 🙂

[6:39 PM] arjunvyas: checked

[6:40 PM] riteshambastha: the best part is that the services can be accessed by anywhere – mobile, laptop

[6:40 PM] mirage_mitesh: yup

[6:40 PM] arjunvyas: hmm

[6:40 PM] aditya_chowdhary: dats great

[6:40 PM] ankit_mishra: B)

[6:40 PM] nishantsoni: 🙂 good

[6:40 PM] mirage_mitesh: @ritesh sir –

[6:40 PM] mirage_mitesh: is this PAAS ? sir ?

[6:41 PM] riteshambastha: the database part is PaaS. rest is about Infra.

[6:42 PM] riteshambastha: thats a good link. you all should check

[6:42 PM] nilam: thnx

[6:42 PM] riteshambastha: I don’t have much time like last time

[6:43 PM] mirage_mitesh: ok sir … we r ready to move on …

[6:43 PM] riteshambastha: so, start basic questions. @mitesh ask me Q on

[6:43 PM] mirage_mitesh: sure sir !

[6:43 PM] riteshambastha: rest students – ask questions

[6:43 PM] riteshambastha: We have 17 mins

[6:43 PM] aditya_chowdhary: Sir isnt security the major concern in cloud computing?

[6:44 PM] riteshambastha: thats a valid Q

[6:44 PM] riteshambastha: Security is often as good as or better than other traditional systems providers are able to devote resources to solving security issues that many customers cant afford complexity of security is greatly increased when data is distributed over a wider area

[6:45 PM] aditya_chowdhary: ok sir! but the risk of data theft much more compared to traditional systems?

[6:45 PM] riteshambastha: Security issues have been categorised into sensitive data access, data segregation, etc.

[6:45 PM] riteshambastha: It is well handled

[6:46 PM] mirage_mitesh: nice …

[6:46 PM] riteshambastha: @adi – you use gmail. u rely on google with blind eyes. u believe in them

[6:46 PM] nilam: yes, we do

[6:46 PM] riteshambastha: similarly u have to believe in ur cloud hosting provider

[6:46 PM] aditya_chowdhary: yes sir thankyou 🙂

[6:46 PM] viral_patel: sir what about pricing? cloud hosting is costlier or cheaper than traditional one?

[6:47 PM] riteshambastha: @viral – it depends on usage. as i said – it is based on ‘pay and use’

[6:47 PM] riteshambastha: u don’t hav any overhead to manage ur stuffs and it solves ur many other issues.

[6:47 PM] viral_patel: ok.

[6:47 PM] riteshambastha: so , in short – its a cheaper option for hositng complex systems

[6:48 PM] riteshambastha: @viral – u got the point?

[6:48 PM] viral_patel: yes sir thanks

[6:48 PM] himanshi_manna: how dropbox work?

[6:49 PM] aditya_chowdhary: oh yes

[6:49 PM] riteshambastha: @himanshi – for others who don’t know about dropbox – can u tell them some brief.

[6:49 PM] himanshi_manna: ya

[6:50 PM] nilam: yes we wants to know

[6:50 PM] nilam: pls tell us

[6:50 PM] himanshi_manna: drop box is one type of software

[6:51 PM] hello: yeah today/s newspaper some article write to dropbox

[6:51 PM] aditya_chowdhary: its a free service that allows us to access our data from anywhere

[6:51 PM] riteshambastha: okay cool

[6:52 PM] riteshambastha: let me tell u about dropbox and its relation with cloud

[6:52 PM] himanshi_manna: ok

[6:52 PM] aditya_chowdhary: ok sir

[6:52 PM] riteshambastha: It is mostly a Platform that provides u a service

[6:53 PM] mirage_mitesh: yup sir …

[6:53 PM] nilam: hmm

[6:53 PM] himanshi_manna: ya

[6:54 PM] riteshambastha: a service of storage where u can keep your docs/files and access that from anywhere over the internet

[6:54 PM] nilam: yaa

[6:54 PM] himanshi_manna: yes

[6:54 PM] riteshambastha: It includes 2GB free storage and if u pay $200 per year – u get 100 GB more space

[6:54 PM] himanshi_manna: yes

[6:54 PM] ankit_mishra: k

[6:54 PM] aditya_chowdhary: ok

[6:55 PM] iwillstudy: Let us understand few more examples like dropbox where you can keep your files and access those over internet

[6:55 PM] aditya_chowdhary: yes icloud by apple

[6:55 PM] riteshambastha: iCloud – yes

[6:55 PM] mirage_mitesh: yup

[6:56 PM] himanshi_manna: ya

[6:56 PM] riteshambastha: It provides u 5GB free space

[6:56 PM] riteshambastha: Mac users can avail all features of iCloud – and windows users can use few features

[6:56 PM] riteshambastha: The second example is GOOGLE.

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