Sindhis to celebrate Cheti Chand today

Cheti Chand, the Sindhi New Year, will be celebrated on Saturday. The day is special because it is coinciding with the Hindu festival of Chaitra Navaratra.

Cheti Chand is the New Year day of the Sindhi Community and is observed on the new moon day,the first day of the Sindhi Chet month (March – April).It is the second day of the Hindu Chaitra month (Chet in Sindhi),hence it is known as Chet-I-Chand (Moon of Chaitra) and is the day after Gudi Padwa(Marathi New Year) or Ugadi(New Year of Andhra).
The day is believed to be the birthday of the Lord Varuna, the God of Water.The God Varun is also believed to have incarnated as Jhulelal who protects the Sindhis,hence this day is considered to be very auspicious.There is also a popular belief that Varun Dev appeared as Jhulelal, on the first day of Chet month to save Sindhis from the of the torture of the ruler,Mirkshah,who decided to finish the Sindhi culture and Hinduism.Thus,Cheti Chand is celebrated as the birthday of the most esteemed religious personality,Ishtadeva,Uderolal Jhulelal and Sindhis worship the water.

The main festival starts with the worships of Jhulelal and Bahrano.The men perform the folk dance, Chej on sindhi music before Jhulelal.On this auspicious day,the Sindhi devotees carry “Baharana Sahib” to a nearby pond.Baharana Sahib consists of an Oil Lamp,fruits,Crystal Sugar,Cardamom and Akha.On the rear side is the ‘Kalash’ (Water vessel of copper) and a coconut placed in it surrounded by leaves and covered with cloth and flowers.There is an Idol of the most venerated deity, Jhulelal placed therein.

“Cheti Chand jyo Lakh Lakh Wadayun Athav.”

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