Boxing is considered to be one of the hardest games to play. But from last few years Indian players left a considerable remark in international events. They have toughest opponents from Cuba, China and America. Consistency is very important in any game and Indian boxers are improving on that. First time seven Indian boxers qualified for Olympics. Among them Vijendra is known due to bronze medal in last Olympic, others selected are Sumit Sanghavan, Vikas Krishna, Manoj, Shiva Thapa, Jay Bhagavan and Devendra Singh. Among them Shiva is youngest.

Female boxers are not behind- we have Maricom and Saritadevi qualified for Olympics. Later name is unknown but other is 5 times world champion and MOM of two kids!

One common thing among all these boxers is that they all come from typical Indian middle-class family. One had his father working as bus conductor while other had father who had to work OVERTIME as laborer to bear expenses. Thapa had even decided to QUIT due to expenses.

There is negligible cash reward for champions of state and national competitions. Boxers are dependable and some who cannot cope up with situations give up the game.

In our country where 3000 crores can be spend for IPL players then can’t 10% be spend on boxers.

Think India Think!

Akbari Hardi M.

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Akbari Hardi

Akbari Hardi currently pursuing her Engineering from V.V.P. Engineering College, Rajkot. She is interested in literature as it helps her to relax and maintain her moral. "I am also interested in sports which keeps me fit." says Hardi.

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