Gadget Review: Huawei Honor

Huawei Honor is the mid range offering from Huawei. It is the first Smartphone in the above 15000 category by Huawei in India. It has a lot to offer, and can get Huawei a taste of success in the Indian Market. Now lets have a look at the features Huawei Honor has to offer.

Whats in the box?
  • Handset (obviously :P)
  • Battery – 1900 maH
  • Wall Charger
  • Micro usb to usb data cable
  • Wired Headset

It has a candy bar style design. Although it feels plasticky , its white glittery back looks catchy. It is 10.9mm thick which is quite ok. It is not razor sharp like the Moto Razr, neither it is a fatso. After seeing the Razr, we crave for the very thin phones but Honor fits well, and with the 135gm weight it feels nice and solid in hand.

On the left there’s a volume rocker key, power button and 3.5mm jack are located on the top and there are 4 capacitive buttons below the screen. The capacitive buttons are responsive and we did not get any accidental presses. The 8mp camera is located at the rear, and a microUSB port at the bottom.


The 4 inch screen is good, but reaching corners of screen with single hand is difficult, but who cares? You get a pretty high – res display for its size- 480 X 854 pixels (~254 ppi). This is why the graphics look very detailed on this phone and even the tiny text was very sharp. The colour reproduction is also very accurate. But the biggest flaw with the screen is that it isn’t as responsive as you would like it to be. We needed to touch the phone just a little hard compared to other competitors. But thats not a big deal. The screen has a corning gorilla glass which means you don’t have to worry about the scratches.


The Huawei Honor features a 1.4 GHz CPU with 512 MB RAM, which manages to run the Android V2.3 fluidly without any lags and multitasking was pretty smooth. Some might get backed off by Gingerbread but good news is that Icecream Sandwich has already been released for the chinese models, so we are expecting the update soon.

Users are free to choose from Huawei’s Custom UI or Android stock UI. This feature is not provided by any other manufacturer yet. We would like to thank Huawei for this. Huawei’s custom UI features shortcuts in the lock screen – camera, dialer, and texting apps. This is becoming quite common these days.

You get five home screens which you can customize with folders and widgets. Nothing out of the box here, only standard android stuff. The one widget I like the most is the weather widget, It is surely the most beautiful from all of them.

The virtual keypad on the screen is quite spaced and neatly layed out in both the potrait and the landscape modes. Had it not have been the unresponsiveness of the screen, this phone would have been the best to type at( under the screen size of 4 inches).Thumbs UP for this!


Honor comes preloaded with softwares like file manager, winzip, clients for Facebook and Twitter, Documents To Go, and a SportsCaster app that provides you with results and information regarding various sports games , but Huawei offers 16 GB’s of cloud storage along with this phone through the app Cloud+. All backup is used to bacckup all the contents from the microSD card & even your contacts. Whats really cool is that you can remotely locate, lock and wipe data from your phone in case it gets stolen. Thats cool!

Internet & Connectivity

The stock web browser does the job well, if it is not pushed very hard. It gets choppy when loading very heavy pages.

But, there are apps like Opera Mini, Firefox which can be used so basically there is nothing hot-shot in the stock browser, but we don’t really care about it. Other handy features of stock browser is that you get include tap-to-zoom, pinch-to-zoom, and text reflow, all of which work as intended.

Honor has all the connectivity features that you would expect from the phone of this range : Wi-Fi b/g/n with support for DLNA, 14.4Mbps 3G radio, Bluetooth 2.1, A-GPS, and an FM radio with RDS. The GPS managed to get our position within 30 seconds. Thats quite impressive!


Honor has an 8mp snapper at the back with HD video recording. Impressed? wait. Its not as good as it looks on paper, but it manages to do the job decently. Like many previous phones, the pictures taken by Honor’s camera also has blob at the centre, but even if we ignore it the picture quality is not that amazing. Apple has spoilt us I say, We compare every 8mp with that of 4S’s, but at this price range, we are happy with what Huawei has to offer. It even has HDR which was absent from the smartphones till date.

I personally didnt like the camera Interface, the layout is simple, but the buttons are too small to operate. The 720p video that the smartphone shoots has the same purple spot in the middle, lacks detail, looks far from fluid, and the audio that is captured by the microphone is barely distinguishable.


Huawei’s stock audio player is not bad at all.It has nice audio visualization and has its own file manager that very handy. In the now playing screen, you can flick through albums just like iTunes, I personally liked it.

The built in video player has nothing special to talk about. It could playback 720p mp4 videos with low bit rate, but the high ones, you just cannot play them. DIVX isn’t supported here. In case of video playback support Samsung wins hands down. I haven’t seen any other phone yet that can support so many formats.

Final Verdict

The Honor has a 1900 mAH Battery, which manages to give 6 and half hours of taltime. In India Huawei has been promoting this phone as battery monster. They say charge it once in 3 days. If it could stand upto that, it will win hands down. The in call quality of Honor is amazing, the earpiece is crisp and loud.

The biggest advantage of Honor is its price. Although priced at 19000, it is really a value for money phone. As compared to the competitors, Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo v & HTC One v Honor clearly leads in its hardware specifications.

We recommend you to go ahead and buy this phone if you are looking for best android smartphone under 20,000.

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Aditya Chowdhary
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Aditya Chowdhary
Aditya Chowdhary is an Engineering Student by choice and a Tech & Gadgets Enthusiast by passion. Also very passionate about the cars & bikes and keeps track of almost everything happening in the Auto world. Aditya likes to keep on top of technology and loves to help people around him get through day to day trouble with their tech difficulties.

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Gadget Review: Huawei Honor

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