Taroko Gorge: Me and my camera!

I love this vantage point looking out at this temple… imagine if you’d hiked through forest-covered mountains to discover this off in the distance. It kind of reminded me of the Lost Seven Cities of Gold from my childhood… But, those are my Western stories… if you’ve been following my posts, you probably guessed this is in Taiwan. It’s in an area near Taroko Gorge. I don’t know much about this temple in the mountains, except that it was a very peaceful spot. I actually made it to the temple itself. From where I’m standing, you hike further down the mountain and cross a long, rickety, Indiana-Jones-style footbridge that spans the chasm between the two mountains. I didn’t try talk to any of the Monks there, but they looked at me with slight amusement and didn’t seem bothered by this waiguoren with the camera. 🙂

– Anonymous

Mohsin Surani