Wanna Date someone? Start quack-quacking!

Indian youth is eager to accept each and everything. After social networking sites, here enters Dating site! Quackquack.in is newly launched dating website (Relationship-Networking Portal) which covers all dating and social networking features. Quackquack was launched in June, 2011 by Ravi Mittal. Quackquack having 2.5 lac registered users till the date. The most interesting thing of the website is that, it only allows verified genuine profiles, so no worries of dating with fake persons.

Treasure - CopyQuackquack offers free and premium models for signing up to start dating. Free user are only allowed to use some limited features. You need to buy a premium model to continue your full experience of e-dating.

What Quackquack does to maintain security and genuineness?

  • Screen profiles for any spam and filth
  • Moderate all profiles before their content and photos are posted on the portal
  • Ensure only as much information is available to other members to keep your privacy safe
  • Have an invitation based chat application helps you decide who you wanna talk to
  • Have content triggers in place to detect any abuse on site
  • Have provided useful tools like Report User and Block User empowering members to take action on their own

So, friends if you wanna date someone in you city, just log-on to Quackquck.in and get started, it’s completely safe and secure.

Congratulations! You are excellent. You’re only one Hint away from the Final Treasure. Here is the last hint of the Hunt.

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