What is more popular, Google, Apple, Facebook or Twitter?

Poll a random sample of tech writers to determine their feelings about the corporate giants they cover, and you’d probably get hugely mixed results: On the one hand, Google search! Facebook connections! the iPhone! … but on the other, data-tracking, Foxconn, frictionless sharing. For all the obvious value that Google and Facebook and Apple provide, the writers might say — for all the services they offer that make them corporate giants in the first place — they also, as companies and as social institutions, deserve our wariness. Their value is a function of what they take from us as much as of what they give.

The tech writers, however, would be in the minority in that ambivalence. Most Americans – the vast, vast majority of Americans – love Apple, Facebook, and Google, per this ABC/Washington Post poll.

Mohsin Surani
Science & Technology, BuddyBits.com