10 Reasons why I spend more time on Google+ than Facebook

10 Reasons I spend more time on Google+ than Facebook:

  1. It’s more like a news aggregator than a gossip column.
  2. Sorting by “Most Recent” is a default.
  3. App crap doesn’t pop into my streams.
  4. Google+ makes it fun to discover people I don’t yet know.
  5. I don’t see weird @status @updates posted from @Twitter!
  6. Ripples.
  7. Landing on “What’s Hot” gets me in front of ALL users.
  8. I don’t get invited to random groups, being forced to opt-out.
  9. No stresses of “friend” reciprocity.
  10. Animated GIFs. 😉

Mohsin Surani

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Mohsin Surani

Mohsin Surani is contributor at BuddyBits.com. He is studying IT Engineering in Ahmedabad. He's passionate about technological things/ updates occuring in the world and sharing with others. He is a hard working person, punctual, mingle with people easily and love to make friends. He is perfect to get work done satisfactorily in accurate manner.

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