An Unconventional Meet for Unconventional Minds!: Insfire

Insfire is an event based forum designed to engage entrepreneurs and people with entrepreneurial aspirations with each other.

Insfire is an event based forum designed to engage entrepreneurs and people with entrepreneurial aspirations with each other. The event is about providing inspiration and learning by sharing of experiences between its participants.

The event will also hold ‘gram-sabhas’ style interactions where entrepreneurs can share their challenges, seek or provide community support. Successful entrepreneurs will also be called for sharing their learning with the participants.

The event will be held at unconventional places to create an unique atmosphere, typically appealing to unconventional minds. The setting of the event we hope will also serve to give a more comprehensive platform for entrepreneurs to bond and interact.

First Insfire on 19-20th May, 2012

On 19-20th of this month, take an unconventional journey, to an unconventional meeting ground, of unconventional minds. Read about the Ist edition of Insfire.

Insfire, is an offsite,campfire style of an event to bring together entrepreneurs from across the cities. This edition of the event will be held at the Mahal Camping grounds in Dang, where the campsite is located along the river Purna in the beautiful mountain forests of sahyadris. The event will be held on 19-20th May 2012. The event is open to all and the sessions are free for all. The vent is also an splendid weekend getaway as the camp site is located at a very beautiful place. The photographs of the camping site have been attached in this post. However the participants are requested to bear the cost of travelling, lodging and fooding. This will be arranged by the organizers collectively for all participants. More details of the event will be continuously updated on the website. The common meeting point for all participants will be Surat. Participants from Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Surat and other regions of Gujarat are likely to attend. Participants can also choose to come from Ahmedabad along with the team.

The event will have the following four sessions:

Introduction and interaction round: 

This will be a brief session at the beginning of the event where the participants will briefly introduce themselves to all. Entrepreneurs will get time to introduce themselves. The round will also serve as the agenda setting round where the participants can have a democratic say over how the events be scheduled over the next 30 hours.  The event will be open to be redesigned as per the consensus of the participants. This will be held during the evening.

Interactive Campfire:

The campfire will be held during the night. The session will be an informal  gathering around the fire lit up using the forest woods. The time will allow the participants to engage in discussions and perhaps share their experiences beyond what they already did in the previous session. It would also be an opportunity for the participants to engage in one-to-one informal discussions and discover ways in which they can collaborate or engage beyond the camp in their entrepreneurial endeavors.

Theme based Interactive Session:

This session will begin in the morning. It will see a couple of successful entrepreneurs sharing their experiences on issues around on how they raised venture capital. This session will be different from other interactive session in the sense that this session will be based on a certain theme like raising venture capital, improving sales & marketing in digital domain etc. The speakers may give a presentation or a verbal note during this session. The session will be highly interactive with the speakers not intending to continuously  speak for more than five minutes at a row at any point. We would rather expect participants to keep interacting perhaps interrupting! The session will also invite the participants to not just ask questions but also share their own experiences on the issue at concern, adding to the value of the session in general.

Entrepreneurs’ Gram Sabha:

This session will be held in a typical ‘gram-sabha’ style where people of a certain community (for us it would be the entrepreneurial community) meet to discuss their trysts and tribulations. In this session the entrepreneurs will typically discuss some of the most critical aspects of their business model and the challenges they are facing- both strategic or tactical. The tactical problems could run from how to get your online platform to do something that you havent been able to do till now, how to get made certain designs at a low cost or perhaps how to get in touch with some useful people who you have not been able to get through yet.  The entrepreneurial community generally have come across many such challenges themselves and hence either someone either knows a way out or perhaps they know someone who can help. The community can offer to help the entrepreneur through their share knowledge and resources.

Once entrepreneurs get to know each other well and there is a feeling of trust, the kind of community support mentioned above becomes easy to share. The earlier sessions and the unique style of this camp would help at this point in forging camaraderie among the participants.

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