Winner of MTV Roadies 9.0 revealed!

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Vikas from Hyderabad has won 9th season of Roadies.

Note: The report, according to which we have firstly published prediction of Winners of Roadies is proved to be false today, when Vikas has won the 9th Season of roadies in stead of Khushboo. We heartily apologize to our readers for publishing this report.

MTV Roadies 9.0 is the ninth season of the most famous youth Indian TV reality show MTV Roadies, opened with the tagline “Everything or Nothing” portraying to the audiences that the season was to go beyond limits. Raghu and Ranvvijay were frequently seen stressing on the fact that the show will test roadies to the extent that they’ll crumble down to pieces. Interesting thing that has happened in this season is that almost every contestant cried in their audition interview except Vikas, Khushboo and Anirudh Sharma.

According to one report, Khushboo has won Roadies 9.0. This is not yet confirmd, but the report revealed that Khushboo from Gujarat has won the 9th season of MTV Roadies.

Winner of Roadies 9.0: Khushboo Patel

She is from Gujarat. She has struggled a lot in life and has had to help her family whenever needed. She has learned to be independent and fend for herself hence making her strong and reliable. She is the winner of Roadies 9.0.

First Runner up: Anirudh Sharma

He wants to be an actor. He has come a long way from being a participant in RBG3 to competing in Roadies 9. He seems confident enough to pull off any task that comes his way. He was thrown out of the show during elimination. But he got a second chance through wild card entry. He is the first runner up of Roadies 9.0.

Second Runner up: Vinay Abhishek

He  is from Hyderabad and wants to be an actor. He is a very simple, down to earth person who people would like instantly. He goes about his daily life with ease and tries to do all he can. He believes in performance first and then politics. He is the second runner up of Roadies 9.0.


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