Customers complains against poor services of Reliance Netconnect

Reliance Netconnect
Reliance Netconnect

Reliance Netconnect is a broadband/ wireless internet service provider company based in India. The company is fraud and non co-operative according to the costumers. Costumers of Reliance Netconnect are suffering from several problems like low speed, disconnection from internet, poor costumer services. If you are going to buy the same, have a look at some complains of Reliance Netconnect users, they are sharing with readers of

Speed of 100 KBPS in stead of 3.1 MBPS with non co-operative customer service!

This is Nishit Jariwala, user of Reliance Netconnect+ Internet Broadband. I have plan of 5GB- 3.1 MBPS (Postpaid). Reliance used to take bill amount before 30 of every month whereas my billing cycle completes on 11th of the next month. And i am not happy costumer of Reliance. I have plan of 3.1 MBPS, but i have never seen speed above 100 KBPS in my connection. And that’s not it, my net gets disconnected at every hour. I have called in Reliance Service Center to register a complaint against this issue for more than 20 times. But they are not even registering complains! They are just making clients fool every time saying that- “There is a problem in our system, so we can’t take your complain at this time.”.

I have called to one of the operator of Customer Care named Dev Ratan (Mumbai) on 6:30 pm, 14th May, 2012. I have got the same answer as usual. They are not giving any kind of support or service. I will never recommend Reliance for Internet Broadband to anyone.

– Nishit Jariwala, Surat, India

Making people fool by name of Fastest Internet Broadband!

I’ve been using Reliance Netconnect+ services from mid september 2011 under the Rs1600 scheme, which was supposed to give me upto 3.1Mbps broadband Internet. From the first day their service was not good and they gave Internet speed never grater than 70 kbps instead of 3.1 Mbps inspite of living in the posh area of the south delhi. I complained a number of times but customer care people say that they can not provide me the speed more than that. Earlier i had MTS broadband but its speed was not good therefore, I purchased Reliance Netconnect+ after seeing ads on TV for its grate speed. But i am feeling cheated now. Everytime i tested the speed by and found every time the speed around 60-70 kbps. I am very much purturbed because of this.

– Sanjay, New Delhi, India

Bad Network and Customer Service

Am living in Perumbakkam, Chennai. On September 2011 I purchased Reliance Netconnect+ Broadband (Reliance number: 9381027369 with 3.1 MBPS speed) from the sales Agent (Samee – 93814200009). As per the plan I paid Rs.2499 as rental for 1st 3 months including the device cost. It took 5 days for them to activate it. But the problem is with the speed of the internet. Am getting only below 100 KBPS speed. When checked with customer care they are saying that in place there is some congestion with network and they are saying this from september 2011. Am getting full network but not the speed.

Also the customer care people are saying to contact the sales agent, but the person nevers picks his mobile. It always says Busy. So when the customer care people knows that there is congestion problem why they are giving new connections? I checked my connection in 3 different places. But in all places the speed is below 100 KBPS.

So based on the problem and according to the reply I got from customer care, it seems that knowingly Reliance is making the people fools and earning money. This is not only with Reliance but also with other Internet providers. How can we take this to all the people in India. So that in future people who wants buy Internet connection will check the speed first or they will have option to get back the money.

– Arul, Chennai, India

Poor service

Purchased Reliance Netconnect a week back as I needed internet connectivity. They promised to deliver a speed of 3.1 Mbps, but just within a week, I could see it getting disconnected often and speed not more than 0 to 4 Kbps. As stated in the advertising, they claim to be the fastest internet. I would like the consumer court to take up this matter seriously as its not just me who faced this issue. Let such large organisations be brought to shame if they only promise and under deliver. Looking forward to some stern action regarding this matter.

– Sunil Abraham, Banglore, India

Speed is too slow

I have purchased Reliance netconnect+ data card from reliance outlet on 19/06/2011. My card no. is 9375178264. I am using it at Himatnagar and Ahmedabad (Chandlodiya) (Both within broadband plus coverage as shown on their website and claimed by their mobile store..). My current plan is a prepaid plan. At Himmatnagar downloading speed is between 0.2kbps to 4kbps(always in high speed1x mode) and at Chandlodiya it fluctuates but mostly much lower than they claimed. They guarantee a minimum of 256kbps speed which is rarely achieved at above mentioned locations. I have contacted them multiple times but different executives gave different answers. One lady told me that they will process for refund and it will take 15 days. After 15 days i was told”We dont provide refund in prepaid”. This card is useless for me as its very slow.

– Keyur Patel, Himatnagar, India

Company Fraud

I am Mohammed Shabbir got Relaince Netconect+. They told me of maximum speed of 3.1 mbps but never mention of average speed of 200 kbps. After i purchased i got internet speed of only 200 kbps. When i complain they are now telling that the average speed is 200 kbps, and they can’t do anything. Reliance is totally fraud to consumer.

– Mohammed Shabbir Andhra Pradesh, India

If you are also one of unhappy customers of Reliance Netconnect, you can also submit your complain or review through Comments. Exclusive

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  1. i got this reliance net connect + from my office and form the bigning i never experienced speed more than 100 kbps .i called in customer care they are telling we have taken your request on priority basis but nothing is happening .its a worst service i ever faced hate this company..

  2. I, Mukesh Kumar have been using a Reliance Netconnect broadband plus datacard no. 9371841798 and I had requested for freezing my account keeping in view the fact that I did not want to use this datacard anymore, through my e-mails dated 12, 15 and 30 July 2012 all of which were sent from my e-mail account registered with reliance netconnect. That time I was using an Advance Rental Plan (which was ending on 12-13 July 2012, after which I would be kept in Rs. 750/-month Plan) and I made the request for a freeze on my datacard account well in advance as I did not want to keep paying for unnecessary bills for this datacard which I would not be using at all. Despite this, I was slapped with a bill on 09 August 2012(Bill NO. 305467596717) which covers for a period from 09-07-2012 to 06-08-2012, totaling up to Rs. 652.39/-. I had again tried to communicate with Reliance Netconnect in past through e-mails(forwarded alonwith this e-mail to you), which were futile.

    Isn’t this a serious breach of customer relationship values and ethos on which a company like Reliance Communication should be standing firm? Or this is just another tactic of forcing innocent, unsuspecting customers like me to prolong the billing periods so that such companies can keep earning immoral, unjustified profits.

    Therefore, I request you to please investigate this matter starting from 12 July 2012 itself and issue necessary instructions to concerned company for waiver of this wrongfully generated above mentioned bill so that confidence of customers like me gets restored. Expecting a favorable response, Dr Mukesh Kumar 8104872181

  3. I am given this connection by my company, I rarely need it. But my needs are critical, eg: when you need to attend a conference call from home and require desktop sharing, this stupid connection doesn’t work and causes embarrassment in front of all. This happened to me several times. What actually happens is that your broad band signal will die, the reason could be the servers are shut down, for reason 1) no backup power 2) someone responsible for server monitoring is sleeping 3) congestion.

    The real experience is when you call their support, they give utterly stupid suggestions (like uninstall and install, change your system, etc.), ultimately unwilling to listen to you and create a ticket for you.

    If you want to test people’s patience limits, you can do so by having them call their support.

  4. I was a very poor experience of mine choosing net connect plus.
    I had purchased a data card .I was using it for sometime and thereafter it got physical damage and i didnot have time to get it repaired so i raised a termination request clearing all dues. As termination request cannot be raised if dues are not clear.
    I had asked for termination long back( 29 June,2012) when their representative put my request (182102927) on hold for 24 hours so that they get me refund.Again i had to call to confirm the status. The request was rejected. Then when again I called they raised a new reqest(182102927) on 3 July,2012. Its processing time was 15 days.Then one fine day i got a call from retention team stating that they can send a guy to get your device repaired. Again 7 days wait. and no one turned up. Again when I called for asking status they raised a request, they raised a new request (182382750) started and it took some more 5 working days. So since, it is your processing time I am nothing to do with it.
    My device is under physical damage and I am not been using it for long. So, I am not going to pay any charges.
    Then i started getting mails for remainder payment for them. Inspite of replying 1000 times to them with the same. I still kept getting mails.
    They are trying to harrass me by doing all this.
    Now again they have sent a notice and when i tried to reach at the number mentioned. The person who recieved didnot know either Hindi or English so we cannot communicate so she disconnected the call. After that i tried 5-6 times everytime my call was disconnected.

  5. i was also using reliance netconnect +. it’s 3rd class net connection i have ever seen. but now i am using vodafone, which is good.

  6. one of the worst and hopeless internet service ever experienced… what a nightmare ..please..please dont ever make a mistake taking this connection horrible … plus the the staff that also biggest mistake i have ever experinced
    please i suggest please dont go for relience … because experience is the best teacher

  7. Its a nuisance.I have net connect dongle prepaid connection.Very slow….3rd class.And they make us fools.Once they called me for the best offer and told ‘Sir 449 recharge me apko truly unlimited milega’ then I called customer care for verification.1 lady confirmed it.After that I recharged but was fooled that it was actually 6gb.I called back them.But they are saying ‘plz recharge again u don’t have balance ‘absolute bogus all illiterates over there.

Customers complains against poor services of Reliance Netconnect

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