Free Career Guidance Workshop by

Free Workshop on Career Guidance for GTU Students in Ahmedabad on 27th May, 2012.

Now as the summer vacations are just about to start, is organizing a workshop which is fully dedicated to GTU students. The workshop would focus on Efficient Utilization of Summer Vacations in Learning the Latest trends in the Industry and prepare them for the job market.

The workshop will be a 4 hour knowledge sharing session, where the Industry experts will share their technology expertise along with guiding the students to build career in respective technologies.

Through this interactive workshop, the experts will guide the students through a career roadmap; help them in choosing and building a career in a particular technology while discussing the upcoming trends in the respective industry. The entire session will help them in understanding current industry scenario, the existing and the upcoming job trends as well as understanding technologies from the career point of view. Along with the career consultancy and expert guidance, the industry people will brief the students about 5 different technology segments for about 20 minutes each:

  1. Web Technologies: HTML, HTML-5, CSS, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP and other CMS Platforms
  2. Mobile Technologies: Future of Android Developers in Ahmedabad and in Global market. Contribution of i-phone developers in Ahmedabad Outsourcing and Product Development Market.
  3. Databases: Understand the case studies of how and when to use MySQL, Oracle, MS-SQL, Postgres etc.
  4. Operating Systems: Understanding where the OS Industry is moving. Learn the real Usage of different OS in the industry-UNIX, LINUX, Windows, Solaris
  5. Role of Social Media in Apps Development, Product Branding and Advertising.

How can you make a difference this summer? Learn new things and invest your time effectively in this workshop. This is absolutely free workshop for each and every student.

We hope the students will utilize their summer vacation and learn new things by newer means!

For registration or queries, call +91-9408098777. Click Here for more details.