Why Should We Wake Up Early in the Morning?

Why should you get up early? May be this is good for health. May be this is a good habit. May be that people would like the early risers. All this sounds well but still is not enough. There has to be a reason for every action. If you want to wake up early the next morning you should be clear in your mind at least one night before that what you are going to do after getting up. You should make a list of tasks you would like to perform in the morning. This will provide you a cause to wake up early.

Have a Reason for Waking Up Early

Once you wake up make a point to act up on the plan of action you had made at night. If do not translate your plans in to actions, it means that you are becoming a victim of your lethargic attitude. After sometimes your inner will feel that waking up early in the morning was a useless exercise and was no more required. Hence you will again relapse into the habit of waking up late. So commitment to the cause of waking up is a must.

Involve in Meaningful Activity

After waking up, involve yourself in some purposeful activity related to what all you have planned. For example start your morning by checking email. This will save your valuable time in the day that can be utilized in some other constructive / professional activity. Similarly you can combine taking breakfast or having a cup of tea with this activity.

Motivate Yourself

Motivation to wake up early and then keep awake is a must. You should justify waking up exercise by getting its fruit. By waking up early if you utilize two additional hours in constructive work and the results are visible, your motivational level will increase to greater heights. You will be encouraged to repeat this activity for the gains you have achieved.

Defeat the Desire of Sleeping In

You have to defeat the desire of sleeping in. this can be done by arranging / planning such an activity for the morning that involves other persons also. For example you can invite one of your friend in the morning at 7 o’clock so that both you can go for a walk together. A meeting can also be scheduled during early hours of morning. The events that involve the participation of others are difficult to postpone or cancel. This will place a compulsion on you for not sleeping in, which is so essential to maintain the habit of waking up early.

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