Vikas from Hyderabad won Roadies 9.0

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Vikas from Hyderabad won the 9th Season of Indian TV reality show Roadies. Vikas has beaten Himani, co-finalist and won the title of Roadies 9.0.

Vikas was eliminated in the 9th episode of Roadies 9.0. But, he got second chance in the finale to perform and win the season as he was a consistent performer. He entered in the finale by beating the three finalists Taranjeet, Kanak Raju and Vinay Abhishek in the finale. The final task of Roadies 9.0 was performed by two finalists Himani and Vikas. And by performing in final task, Vikas won the title.

Vikas stood for his own beliefs and rules. He like to have things his way and is very street smart. People find it easy to trust him however things don’t always go down well with him.

Roadies 9.0 Top 5 Contestants:
  1. Vikas
  2. Himani Sharma
  3. Vinay Abhishek
  4. Kanak Raju
  5. Taranjit Kaur Raina

The report, according to which we have firstly published prediction of Winners of Roadies is proved to be false today, when Vikas has won the 9th Season of roadies in stead of Khushboo. We heartily apologize to our readers for publishing that report.

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